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Brain-Implanted 'Eyeborg' Turns Colors Into Music

Brain-Implanted 'Eyeborg' Turns Colors Into Music

Mar 27, 2014 09:23 AM ET // by Nic Halverson

Neil Harbisson was born with with achromatopsia, a condition that left him with the inability to see color. His visual palette is various shades of gray. But that hasn’t stopped the Barcelona artist from experiencing the vibrancy of the world. Instead of seeing colors, he hears them.

For the last 10 years, Harbisson has worn an antennae-like electronic eye, implanted directly into his skull, that he calls his “eyeborg.” It includes a camera that records and translates colors into sound frequencies that he can hear via bone conduction to his inner ear. Every color Harbisson sees corresponds to a note: G is yellow, Red is F, orange is F sharp, A is green, C is blue and so on.

“Feeling like a cyborg was a gradual process,” he told Dezeen. “First, I felt that the eyeborg was giving me information, afterwards I felt it was giving me perception, and after a while it gave me feelings. It was when I started to feel color and started to dream in color that I felt the extension was part of my organism.”

Continue on this visionary and musical journey here: http://news.discovery.com/tech/apps/cyborg-artist-hears-colo...

Composer Neil Harbisson invites you to recognise colour through sound in his #First colour-conducted concert.


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intentional synesthesia

I experienced similar phenomena back in the late 90s... after ingesting LSD25 I was able to taste colors and see sounds. It was brilliant and completely redefined my understanding of life, the universe and everything.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

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Lol, yes, well that is simply called tripping

But it is one way to experience what people like this guy experience daily.

I think it would be an amazing way to see/hear the world, but I imagine it is more of a frustration for him. Although he did something very cool with it.

The concert is really quite unique.

The future is glitchy, this I


even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

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Not knoe.



I wonder if his clothes hurt his ears

'cuz the colors are so loud.

That's pretty cool, not really seeing and not really hearing, kind of somewhere in between.

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huh...thats a good question has

Have you ever had a sound bother your eyes cuz the sound is so weird or unpleasant the colors it relays are also unpleasant?

Does that make sense lol

Maybe that was a 1:30 am statement that doesn't make sense and tomorrow I will wonder what I was trying to say.


Not so much unpleasant as shocking, surprising maybe.

I was in a car with a dog. We were passing through some road work and traffic was moving slow. She barked at the road crew or some piece of machinery and I got this really intense flash of color in my head. Brilliant white at the center, radiating fields of blue, and a fringe of purple with rays coming from it. It was pretty weird.

sounds like synesthesia to me.

I feel smell s once in a while.

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

right on man