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Shocking - What Pento Said To Get Him Erased From CNBC

Talk about editing:

Today Michael Pento stunned King World News when he said he was entirely deleted from a CNBC interview (clip linked below). Pento believes his comments were determined to be too threatening to the powers that be, and a decision was made to erase him entirely from the interview. KWN shows the picture below which proves Pento was part of the CNBC interview, and Pento tells KWN exactly what he said that caused him to be censored.


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"First, let me just say this

"First, let me just say this is the first time such an event has ever occurred. But I’m confident about this, the idea didn’t emanate from CNBC’s headquarters. It had to come from those who have an interest in maintaining power by making sure the public is kept as uninformed and apathetic as possible.

But to answer your question, I think it was the fact that I laid out the math behind a sovereign debt collapse in both Japan and the United States."

Ok, so let's see it.

The article referred to the math that he laid out, but they did not lay it out. Webpages have plenty of space, why didn't they lay it out right there in the article?

I don't know who Pento is but if he laid out the math in an easily understandable way and presented it succinctly, why doesn't he do so again online? Or maybe he has... and in that case if anyone has a link to it please post it in a reply.

Pento: Inform the people, lay our your math. If it's good, then we ("we" being those of us who use the net) will share it and post it and make sure that people learn about it. Make a video & put it somewhere it can be downloaded, so it can be shared by many. Write an article and make it free to distribute.

Without even hearing the math that he laid out in the interview, my guess is that he's right. I already know that we have HUGE problems. But the fact that he was censored due to the info simply reinforces the belief that there is something real to it.


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Is everything that Pete Santelli does just a side-show?

"Yes" is the answer until proven otherwise. Words are cheap, especially his yelling and screaming at people. Will Santelli remain silent about this episode? He is an "on-air editor" for what that is worth. He has input into what get broadcast and what does not. Was he involved in the decision making process to yank Pento?
"Rick Santelli is an editor for the CNBC Business News network.[1] He joined CNBC as an on-air editor on June 14, 1999, reporting primarily from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. He was formerly the vice president for an institutional trading and hedge fund account for futures-related products. He is also credited with being a catalyst in the early formation of the Tea Party movement via a statement he made on February 19, 2009."

so what did he say?

He said he said something about the fed. But he never said what.

He said:

"I laid out in no uncertain terms that the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan have laid the groundwork for insolvency, and set up these bond markets for a tremendous interest rate shock."

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In the article he also

In the article he also mentioned that he laid out the math. But he did not lay out the math in the article. That's what he needs to do so that we can see and review it.

Just saying he did something is not enough. We want the specifics.


Terrible. As a big a scandal as when I proved

indisputably that the earth was flat.