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Abraham Lincoln's Terrible War (original video)

This is a remake of my original video in HD. It's less than 5 minutes but packs a punch in my humble opinion. Hope you all enjoy.


When Abraham Lincoln launched his military invasion of the Southern States to prevent their peaceful and democratic assertion of independence, he ushered in a radically different Union than the one the Founders intended.

This is the real story of America's "Civil War"

Whether it was slavery, tariffs, or a redefinition of Federal powers ultimately matters little. The question of whether we live in a voluntary government or a compulsory one, enforced at gunpoint, was answered with the death and maiming of almost a million Americans from 1861 to 1865.

At the heart of the ever-encroaching State that we find ourselves living under is the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. Every ideologue from Karl Marx to Woodrow Wilson, FDR to Adolf Hitler, George W Bush and Barack Obama, have embraced the Lincoln mantle in both their writings and their actions.

For Liberty to reemerge, the Lincoln myth must be shattered and exposed.

Thanks for watching.

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The Union was not disloved

The Union was not dissolved nor did the actions of the South mean the end or destruction of the Union. It still existed between the other states.

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Or my favorite... the war of

Or my favorite... the war of northern aggression.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

I prefer

The War to Prevent Southern Independence, or When Yankees invaded America.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

I completely agree and

I completely agree and continue to make that very point. Perhaps putting quotes around "Civil War" in the description would make it clearer. It is however exactly what I intended when I wrote "This is the real story of..."

The War Against the States

Southron partisans tend to refer to it as The War Between the States, which also makes sense, but I think AGAINST is more to the point.
I also like Granny's take: "When the North invaded America."

also thanks for the exquisite photography. The depiction of he moral and economic costs are compelling and powerful.

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Many thanks. Yes, I decided

Many thanks. Yes, I decided to revise the video somewhat from the original I posted years ago after finding a trove of very high def photos. I wanted too, to incorporate the photos of the maimed because they too often are the forgotten ones. The horrors of that war were truly unprecedented.

BTW, I would welcome suggestions on what to title the video. The original was "Abraham Lincoln: Tyrant" but if my goal is to provoke thought in those uninitiated in anything other than the official narrative, I worry it's off-putting. "Abraham Lincoln's War: A Summary" seemed too drab to attract any attention though.