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Teacher Forbids Little Girl’s Endearing Act, Outraged Parents Consider Homeschooling

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I wonder what the lunch lady would say

Perhaps her story is a bit different from the little girl's story.

About 20 years ago, there was a terrible scandal in a little town with a name like Wanachee (Idaho, I think). It turns out that the local public school had become a den of child abusers and satan worshippers. How did we know? Because a little girl told the officials all of the graphic detail of the horrible things the teacher, janitors, and other school officials were doing during school hours...including flying them off in helicopters to sacrafice animals and have orgies. Within a short time, many of the little children in the school were telling similar stories, and with all of the overwhelming testimony, several of the teachers chose to plead guilty to child abuse in order to get lighter sentences. A few teachers, however, took the charges to court. Some lost their court cases, but cracks in the stories began to be examined by less emotionally charged investigators, and some of the teachers were found not guilty. Ultimately the little girl who started the story admitted she had made the whole thing up.

The teachers who had their day in court were exonerated, however, the teachers and janitors who took a plea to avoid a lifetime in prison could not withdraw their guilty plea. They were branded 'child molesters' and they stayed in jail for many years.

All because adults believed, uncritically, the words of one little girl.

This was not the only case. Look up the McMartin case in California. Another miscarriage of justice based on childrens' tall tales.

I have a hard time believing anyone in the lunch room would have objected to anyone praying. I want to hear the teacher's side of the story before jumping on this bandwagon.

Wenatchee is in central Washington


The MSM Aided & Abetted

..the DA did not influence the children in their testimony, as they were fully aware of all the ramifications of such.

I read about how the parents of a schoolboy suddenly realized one thing:
"They weren't listening"...and only awoke when the horror of the situation fully confronted them.
The oft-ridiculed tunnels were eventually found...but too late.

Sounds like today, doesn't it?
I don't normally side with prosecutors.

I initially had this confused with another VERY similar case that occurred in NJ...here's the book about it:

We can't always listen to media-talking-heads like Oliver Stone and James Woods...they just make movies, that's all they do.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I disagree with your presentation of facts

Here is the Wikipedia synopsis of the McMartin case. It varies considerably from your sources.


Education Is a System of Indoctrination

Ain't seen nothing yet

At the present time, the persecution of Christians may seem an over-exaggeration to some or trite to others. I assure you, it's going to get much worse, I'm afraid.

But the good thing is..

anyone who actually reads and studies their Bible knows this is coming. And yes it will get much worse, to the point of losing your physical life to stand up for what you believe in. But that shouldn't scare anyone of faith.

Luke 17:33 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

I can see the 'anti theist' now..comparing this kind of thinking to radical Islam, the difference being that we won't be killing ourselves, or anyone around us. We will simply be sticking to our belief in love, faith, God, and the death and resurrection of Christ, and for that we will lose our physical lives.

"It's good to pray", I heard her say

From 0:47, on to 1:23, is the heart of this little girl testimony of faith, and the threatening, menacing authority person at school, who told her what she knew was so untrue, that she cheerfully contradicts her, @ 1:05, to smile and stand up with, "It IS Good!" :)

Some might think that folding her hands and closing her eyes was too open a display of faith; therefore imposing her religious views on others, yet it was totally HER own idea, and not her parents imposition, that compelled her to give thanks for her meal before eating, whether anyone else was, or not.

I might add that if it was a typical school lunch program that she was praying over, she might have been seeking divine protection from its potential harm, as well, eh? :)

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

"I might add that if it was a

"I might add that if it was a typical school lunch program that she was praying over, she might have been seeking divine protection from its potential harm, as well, eh?"

Good one.

Say something to Jesus

I am for homeschooling.

But I am not for irrational indoctrination for grade-schoolers. Meaning religion.

i'm an atheist. Before anyone gets things twisted.

Are you for freedom? If so then you shouldn't care about what religion people practice as long as they do not infringe on you or others.

Religious groups can be hi-jacked just like anything else, and sometimes those hi-jack attempts are successful. Look at all the attempts to hi-jack the libertrian movement. Believe it or not, there is a growing number of Christians (libertarians and anarchists), at least in my area that are getting back to those principals of non aggression and rejecting what Christianity was turned into. At least that is how it was explained to me by friends of mine who also happen to be christian anarchists.
They believe Jesus was a very important NAP advocate & activist. They view Jesus as like an Adam Kokesh of his time. I personally will not turn my back on people like this.

I am for freedom

Completely, I am an atheist and an anarchist. I don't even think we should have these "public schools."

And I don't really care WHAT RELIGION someone practices. But when your superstitious and mystical method of thinking is taught to others, taught to little kids, that have not yet formed the ability to think critically, is a horrible idea, and that child will go out and use that ability to think that you have taught them in the world.


This 6 or 7 year old kid is casually discussing TALKING TO A 2000 YEAR OLD JEWISH GHOST!

Do you think that is a good idea?

I would not support USING FORCE to stop it, but I won't be forced TO SILENCE my own recognition of problematic thinking.


And I AM WITH YOU on "not turning our back on these people."

I want freedom for everyone, no person is my enemy, but IRRATIONALITY is my enemy, and the greatest evil that I can see.

So if my friend is in error, or is irrational about certain topics, I will not bite my tongue. I will teach my friend how irrational that statement is, and why it is irrational.

and your opinion is more right because... ?

How can you presume what is right or wrong for someone else, or someone elses children ?

Your idea of irrationality is your own. The fact that your views of what constitutes reality differ from another should not be used as justification for dismissal or criticism.

Don't you see that everyone's beliefs are as real to them as yours are to you... so who are you to say they are wrong ?

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

Irrationality is not an "opinion"

If I teach my kids that "If you think about it enough, you can overcome gravity, you can float away from the earth."

That is irrational, because there IS NO EVIDENCE that it is part of reality. Not my opinion.

Faith is a strong reality in

Faith is a strong reality in its abstract that you choose to counterpoint as a concrete untruth?????

I do not understand your question

Not being rude, I really can't understand the question.

You have picked one example

which is highly contrasted by definition, to argue the validity of a position on a subject which ranges from hard physical objectivity through to purely sentimental expression.

You could argue that everything a person does which does not directly benefit the health of our bodies is irrational. What is irrationality ?
How can you define it when everyone has their own values ?

And if you would quickly point to the "facts" of science etc... the facts of science are actually incredibly transient and objective if you truly study them. If you want to understand why I would suggest such a thing, then I would recommend listening to this guy with an open mind.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

"You could argue about WHAT IS RATIONAL..."

"You could argue that everything a person does which does not directly benefit the health of our bodies is irrational..."

But I did not present that argument, you did.

I argued that: Presenting unfounded phenomena, like ghosts and prophecy, as PART OF REALITY, is irrational. Why? Because there is no evidence that the phenomena exist, or that they even occur.

It may seem naturalistic to you, or just a differing opinion, or a differing methodology of thinking...

But REALITY decides what is true, NOT your mind. If IN REALITY, when death occurs for each and every human, their mind ceases to function, and they don't "survive death," the dead are no longer available to communicate; you cannot "talk to the dead."

To say otherwise... is unfounded. You cannot subpoena your dead uncle Paul to prove that the dead can talk.

So to present THE UNFOUNDED as REALITY is IRRATIONAL. Again, this is not just one man's opinion, it is the way we treat EVERYTHING. And the fact that I even have to explain this... is the result of TEACHING YOUR KID THAT YOU CAN TALK TO THE DEAD. "This discussion is brought to you by... IRRATIONAL BELIEFS TAUGHT TO CHILDREN AT A VERY YOUNG AND FORMATIVE AGE!" (commercial haha)


Also, we cannot merely DECIDE with our minds what is IN REALITY. I mean you can, but it doesn't change THE REALITY, because others perceive and share objective reality.

So JUST BECAUSE I WISH (close my eyes and wish real hard now) that my father is still alive and he is sitting next to me smiling.... DOES NOT MAKE IT REAL. It is merely wishful thinking. AND BACKWARDS THINKING: TO START WITH THOUGHTS (wishes or hopes) and then to END with reality.

We START WITH REALITY, and it ends with our thoughts on what we actually see.

WISHFUL THINKING is SO FAR OFF from correct, that it is completely BACKWARDS. That is why it is irrational.

Wishful thinking pretty much SWITCHES CAUSE AND EFFECT. The cause is reality, the effect is that we see and think about what we saw. Wishful thinking swithces it and says "I close my eyes and make a wish, and when I open my eyes, reality will have conformed to my hopes and wishes!" And a little head knod like "I dream of Genie."

It is not too hard to see how backwards and thusly irrational then wishful thinking and switching cause and effect is.

Try some examples: You crash your car then you drive it down the road, you catch the ball before it is thrown, you land before you jump, you hear a thud then the tree falls down.... Make up your own, they are backwards, just like wishing and then expecting reality to match your wishes.

Well you see that's the rub

Well you see that's the rub. You think he is a ghost, well no you do not. A ghost would denote a spirit, and you do not believe in such things. To you he is simply dead.

BUT to others he is not dead or a 'ghost' he overcame death and is alive.

So the only real issue here is, do you or the teacher have any right to silence this kid from expressing herself or her parents from teaching her what they know to be true? You believe the truth is he is dead. What right do you have to teach someone else's child your truth over theirs?

I wouldn't

I am a public high school math teacher, I wouldn't do what that teacher did, I don't agree with that teacher, I don't even agree that public school is a benefit to society lol.

But yes, I think that person is dead. And it is irrational to think that someone "survived death" lol. That is not an opinion, it is a contradiction to the term "death."

An unfounded belief in prophecies, miracles, psychic powers, life after death (hilarious), spirits, demons, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, possession, souls, heavens, hells, gods, devils, ferries, angels, prayer... IS irrational without a reason (evidence) that those phenomena even happen in the first place.

This is not an opinion, it is sound thinking.


But I DON'T have a right to force anyone what to teach or not. But irrationality is just irrationality; I will not support it.

And I feel bad for kids that are having their brains broken; their entry into the world of logic starts with "You can survive death, and you can even talk to the dead. On your way into the world child."

And then I run into those kids in the DP forums...

We agree on something

The Department of Education is not a benefit to society.

It really is just ...



then you support the teacher in this case?


And in no way does my comment suggest that I do.

The teacher should mind her own business and let the child be free.


But teaching a 6 year old TO TALK TO a Jewish 2000 year old ghost is not my idea of sound advice.

"They caught me again".

Put in the context of world history, those words could not be more horrifying.

Sola Scriptura

I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labour in explaining the Holy Scriptures, and engraving them on the hearts of youth. I would advise no one to send his child where the Holy Scriptures are not supreme. Every institution in which men and women are not unceasingly occupied with the Word of God must be corrupt. Martin Luther

Matthew 18:6

What a beautiful little child

Matthew 18:6

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

i am an atherist. this teachers behaviour is completely

unacceptable in a free society.

It goes both ways. People should be allowed to say their "grace" or not before a meal. Especially when its done privately to yourself, like these parents have obviously taught their child to do.

so much for freedom of religion

Is it not

the parents responsibility to teach a child constructive ways to relate to the world ?

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

sure, teachers should teach in constructive ways

But I am not sure what your comment has to do with this video. You can still teach without any hindrance if children pray to themselves quietly.

Didn't the parents

do just that?