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Teacher Forbids Little Girl’s Endearing Act, Outraged Parents Consider Homeschooling

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I miss read that comment and thought he meant that the parents were not allowing their child the freedom to choose whether to be religious or not.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

The Obsolescence of Government-and its Wretched School System

Videos like this, and many others like it, are telling everybody that Government-and its loathsome "publikkskoolz" and "teacher's" unions - have long since served any purpose or use they may have had, and it is long time past for something better!The children you save may be your own!

These sewers of child abuse, barbarism, ignorance and Political Correctness have been due for the scrap heap for generations. Let's look at alternatives. John Taylor Gatto, Stephen Molyneux, and Peter Breggin, among others, have some excellent ideas. Ron Paul's homeschooling program also deserves being looked at, but first and foremost, starve the beast by repealing Compulsory attendance laws!


"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

Random comment here.

I was deeply touched by the expression on the face of that little angel when her father told her he loved her. It seemed as though his expression of love moved her deeply and infused her with joy.

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a different read of her expression

Sadly I got a different read of her expression. It looked to me to be one of the school doing its damage. Her expression seemed one of, ok I hear you dad but I'm the one the teacher is telling me it is wrong and I am there by myself. Which is exactly what the schools want.

5 reasons to get your kids out of govt schools

"As many as eighty-five to ninety percent of professing Christians send their children to the government for their education. That is simply an astonishing figure considering the fact that the Christian community fought mandatory government education tooth-and-nail for its first fifty years of existence. Since then we have gone from fighting against government schools to fighting for them and implying that those who fight against them are fundamentalists, anti-intellectuals, and racists." Pastor Voddie Baucham


A clear cut violation of her

A clear cut violation of her right to free speech. I'm not shocked.
The crooks in DC claim the right to kill, imprison and rob anyone anywhere for any reason. Why should we be shocked when their laws silence a child's prayer.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

They should make her a Burka

So nobody messes with her


Classic. Thanks for the good laugh

I don't believe in religion

But this is ridiculous. All the more reason to end the department of education! And encourage homeschooling.



Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
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stocks and horsewhips

Are too good for people who violate little kindergarteners first amendment rights.

The Bible says it's better to have a millstone around your neck and cast into the sea than offend one of these little ones.

Get that baby out of that hell hole now!

Why oh why are these precious, innocent minds being entrusted

to the vile public school system in the first place? Please, please bring this brilliant child home where she can grow and thrive!

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html