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Peace ☆ Gold ☆ Love


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Animation = distraction

I've AdBlocked the new banner; it's too distracting.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Here's my humble take on the new banner

First off, I like the new banner. It definitely caught my eye. I posted earlier in another thread that was too negative. I'd like to take a more positive approach. This is just my humble attempt to tweak the banner.

I love the P Au L (Peace. Gold. Love.) approach. I think it is very clever. I see Gold as a store of value, just as Silver, and I feel they represent Value, Wealth and/or Prosperity, which might be a good word to use. But, I see the essence of this site as being Knowledge/Truth seeking, so I replaced "Gold" with "Truth".

I tried to respect and stay as close to the original banner as possible while just simplifying and cleaning it up. I tried to keep a common element between them all with the gold pin stripe, and I kept "Daily Paul" in every frame.

I did enjoy doing this and I would be honored to offer my services to Michael, and this website, anytime for anything, so feel free to use this banner, or let me know of anything else you need 'designed'. I'm open to any comments or tweaks to help improve upon. If Michael wants the "Gold" back in there... will do. Thanks.


"Love" has its roots in "liberty" and "free".

When one loves someone they leave them free.

"Peace Gold and Liberty", in my mind represent Ron Paul's message. Freedom is popular. We crave love, often failing to understand that it means leaving others free.

The golden rule.

I was reminded of the other trilogy Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

I like your design also. But most color blind only see the white, blue and yellow and grey.

Keep up the good work.

Free includes debt-free!

The Beatles: "All You Need Is Love"

I remember when this song came out..I was a junior in high school..

Everybody Sing!!!

The Beatles - All You Need Is Love Lyrics
Love, Love, Love.
Love, Love, Love.
Love, Love, Love.

There's nothing you can do that can't be done.
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game.
It's easy.

Nothing you can make that can't be made.
No one you can save that can't be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.
It's easy.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.

Nothing you can know that isn't known.
Nothing you can see that isn't shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.
It's easy.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.

All you need is love (Paul: All together, now!)
All you need is love. (Everybody!)
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need (love is all you need).

Oh yeah!
She loves you, yeah yeah yeah.
She loves you, yeah yeah yeah.

Love Is Blue?


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Great subject, Michael! But I

Great subject, Michael!

But I no longer agree. Gold is old. Digital money is the future.

Gold has great monetary limitations; computers and the human capability to produce is infinite.

Peace and love are not physical items. You can love your wife, but money can't buy you love.

Gold is physical, it is something one can purchase or own.

One can't purchase or own love and peace because they are not physical items.

Peace, Digital Dollars, Love

All are non-physical.

Countries can't fight over something that is limitless.

Countries fight over things that are limited.

The, "idea," behind what money really is in the 21st century has no physical limits.

Gold is for the old world order because kings, queens, and dictators could easily control the flow of a limited amount of physical money.

And then Ben Franklin had an idea...why not just print it?

If, "money," was never printed on paper and only gold and silver could be used as legal tender, America wouldn't exist, the internet wouldn't exist, cars wouldn't exist, and everything would be decided by who owns the scarce supply of gold.

Gold is limited. Love and Peace should not be tied to such a heavy weight.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I have an epileptic three-toed sloth,

and this new banner keeps giving him seizures!

Seriously, though, nice banner. I quite like it. I am curious about the color choices for peace, gold, and love. Was it a decision born of personal aesthetics, or does it represent some symbolism for you?

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson


: )

Agenda 21, PNAC, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and UN biodiversity study. Help me understand why I shouldn't think there is a big agenda against the wishes of the masses.

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What does this have to do with liberty or Ron Paul?

Who put you up to this post?

Was it the Rothschilds again?

I think I'm going to make one of those "I love the Dailypaul" posts sometime.

Or an "About jrd3820" post. I want an "About Ed Ucation" post or Caducky or Bill3 or John Robb or Robot Jon, or Sierra or Mountaincat or Has or Mdfarge......and on and on and so on and so forth

Or I'll make a Michael Nystrom post. I've always wanted my own Michael Nystrom post.

Those are fun posts and the comment sections are usually so pleasant. And they get a lot of upvotes.

As I was scrolling through the topic posts

I saw this second to the bottom and I thought:


As I was scrolling through the comments I saw your and thought:

"LOL" Go for it!!

Kudos. Good Message Nystrom!

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I sometimes tell Michael stories of my early days at the DP and how I found it to all be so overwhelming at times.

One of the things I remember from my early days, way before I even started posting was that if a post went up that did not say "I Love Ron Paul And This Is Why" or "Look Cool Ron Paul Interview/Article/Fill in the Blank" or some sort of variation of that the thread would get automatically flooded with comments that said things like


And now the main guy is here posting about Prince and muppets and banners and Frank Zappa and I can't help but think about how different it all seems these days.

Besides sometimes the guy gets so off topic like when he is talking about Japanese baseball on farms in Maine, someone has to remind him the purpose of his own site in case he forgets.

I do want to do one of those Michael Nystrom posts someday though.

Ya know the 1's....they say his name in the title and they say how great he is, or how awful he is, or that they need a favor from him, or that he should do this that or the other thing with the site, or something like that.

I want my very own Michael Nystrom post someday, I just have to decide which angle to take it from.

Do you recall when

Ron Paul's smiling picture was on the top right and then it began to fade... and after many days of posts all about the fade the picture was brought back to full color for a short time before it faded until it was gone? Wish I could embed this for you


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That was a great performance by Dylan there

I have told a few people here this recently, but over I'd say just the past year or so, I have begun evolving as a Dylan fan and appreciating his live performances more than his album recordings.

It used to be the opposite for me, but I really have been finding more and more live performances by him that I love lately.

So, I don't quite remember the fade... but I do remember the uproar when it was finally gone.

People had meltdowns over that. Imagine what that looked like to a new person...

I was so shocked at the emotion people had behind that, I thought I was entering some kind of internet Twilight Zone.

Now that I have been a regular here for a while, sometimes I still think about the new people, or the onlookers since we are no longer taking new people, and how silly some of our threads, and arguments, and emotional outpourings, and inside jokes probably seem to some of them because I remember how odd some of it all seemed to me at first.


I like that version because he's telling specif people (Obama and Biden) what "Change" actually is. And for DP.. well, quite a bit.

If done properly would make a great documentary..


If Nystrom was a dead head, I'd offer this:

You should try to do one with

You should try to do one with all of the above.

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I think if we all remember the message...

We'll be just fine.


To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.
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Whatever you say Captain, but I have 1 question

I have found the free peace here, and I have found the free love here, but I still have not located the free gold.

Am I missing something? Is this one of those things that I don't understand due to my tech inabilities?

Do you send the gold out quarterly? Annually? Maybe my address needs to be updated or something because I have not received my dailypaul gold bar yet....

gold is never free

But if you fill your soul with peace and love, your soul will transmute into spiritual gold.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

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How very poetic Ed

I think Michael has a heart of gold. You might also, I don't know you as well, but you seem pretty peaceful and kind sometimes so maybe you do also....have a heart of gold that is..

Hey, can we get one of those About Ed Ucation posts from you kinda like the dwalters post from a few days ago except about Ed instead?

So I couldn't find the free

So I couldn't find the free gold on the DP but I googled free gold for you and found this.


Hope this helps. Let me know if it works.

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Thanks Unknownuser

I checked the site out and you can get a free million dollar bill! For nothing! Isn't that amazing?

For some reason though I think that if I put my email into a site like that I might end up with a ton of spam mail...



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Look into your heart

That's where the free gold gets delivered. It is a naturally occurring byproduct of the love.

Don't worry - most people miss it until they understand the secret.


To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.



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