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A DailyPaul for Rand Paul fans. DailyPaul.com/Rand?

I don't frequent this site because of being a Libertarian, measuring Rand against Libertarian principles. I frequent this site because I'm a Ron Paul fan and also a Rand Paul fan. I'd like to see a Rand Paul site like the Daily Paul was for Ron without all the "he isn't his Dad," comments.

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maybe you can add that link to your main thread

I had no idea it existed... http://www.dailypaul.com/rand

pretty cool collection of stories!


you are looking for the mainstream news blogs. They shouldn't be too hard to find... Just type "tea party blog" into google.

Lol, what an unnecessarily

Lol, what an unnecessarily snide comment.

David Earl Williams III for Congress

No, not really.

DailyPaul.com/Rand is actually what I was looking for. Thanks to Jon for pointing out to me that it already has been an option.

Thanks for posting this request...

I didn't know that that link already existed, and had you not posted this request I still wouldn't have known.

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have you visited that link?


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Oh. Thank you for pointing that out.

I probably should have checked that. I did go to forums and find Rand there but it just didn't look like easy navigation. Thank you.