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Maybe why Obama hurrying to "end" NSA bulk collection?

HB0161 introduced by Sen. Marc Roberts on March 13, 2014, a bill that allows Utah citizens to simply give no material support to an entity that violates the 4th amendment of the United States Constitution. Bill is titled "Prohibition on Electronic Data Collection". If the bill passes, it provides an immediate effective date". By quickly introducing a bill that "ends" NSA bulk collection of phone calls, the Obama administration is attempting to give that power back to telecoms before the Utah bill passes. It does nothing to end bulk collection of American citizens' phone records, rather makes it more difficult to stop the spying on Americans.


From February 12, 2014 "Salt Lake Tribune"
"Utah Legislator to propose halting water to NSA data center"

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Interesting. Maybe they are

Interesting. Maybe they are getting ahead of the issue so that Utah does not make them look really bad by shutting them down. Also, if it made big news more people would start to realize the power of States Rights and the limitations on the federal gov as mandated by the Constitution.