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My Son the Wrestler

My Son the Wrestler

My 16 year old son just finished his 2nd year of high school wrestling. I never used to care for the sport. Quite frankly I always thought it was kind of a silly sport but never really paid much attention otherwise.

We moved to a small town 9 years ago from living in the cities. Our move was made to pursue a dream and own a family business outside the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. It was quite a change of pace. Out here, in my county alone we have over 1,200 lakes. Can you guess where I am???

Our small town of 1,100 people is a prideful town. We are a wrestling community and every year when our team takes on the state...we close down the town and all hop on board the bus to support the green and black.

Most kids here have wrestling in their blood. They often have been doing it since they were 3 or 4 years of age. Usually they have older siblings that have made a name here. Quite often their dads and granddads also were wrestlers.

My son started wrestling his freshman year which was quite a challenge being so late in the game. As a mother and first time wrestling parent, it was brutal at times to watch. Sometimes you would even see me at a match with my eyes glossed over...clenching my fists as my son was down on his back in some sort of pretzel hold. It was agonizing yet I was so proud of him! He got his a$$ worked but he never gave up! He looked at each loss as an opportunity to get better.

Now in his second year I can see such a difference in him. His attitude toward life is so different. He has so much drive in him. His grades have improved immensely and he's determined to do better at everything he does.

You see, wrestling is a different kind of sport. You cannot rely on your team to carry you through a match. It's all about you and your dedication to work hard cause in the end it is always the better wrestler who comes out ahead. The sport is about dedication, honor, hard work, perseverance, and commitment.

This summer my son has committed to do the J Robinson 28 day intensive wrestling camp at the U of M. This will be his first time away from home for a long period of time. No girls, no going to the lake, no hanging out with friends, and no mom there to take care of him. It's just him and wrestling for a solid month.

I am so proud of the man my son is becoming. I owe it all to his love for the sport. I recommend parents to encourage your sons to wrestle.


What high school sport makes the demands on the individual that amateur wrestling does? When a boy walks onto the mat, he stands alone. No one will run interference, no one will pass him the ball when he is under the net, no one will catch a high fly if he makes a bad pitch. He stands alone. In other high school sports, where individual scores are kept, the contest is determined in time, distance, and height. But in wrestling, the score is kept on a boy's ability to overcome an opponent in a hand to hand contest, where a two second interval at anytime can mean a loss or a win. if an opponent gains an advantage, there will be no help, no substitute; there will be no time out and all can be lost in two seconds. Yes, the boy stands alone.
There is no place on a wrestling team for the show off, the halfhearted, or the weakling. When the whistle blows, a boy puts his ability, his determination, and his courage on the line.

We who are close to the young men on our high school wrestling teams have watched the range of human emotions from elation to heartbreak.

We have seen coaches with tears running down their cheeks as they try to console a young man who has given his all . . yet lost.

Wrestling is a tough, hard sport, a life like, it is the survival of the fittest. The young men who enter and stay with the team know this. They also know that when the time comes and the whistle blows . . .


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I wrestled and now my 3 boys wrestle...

Its an amazing sport.

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If you were wondering. I

If you were wondering. I wrote this in honor of my son because he is my everything and the reason I am here.

Hey Unknown

I know where you live! lol jk thats creepy. No I just remember another thread of yours. Gotta love the Great Lakes area. ;)

Wonder if I picked the wrong sport in high school, I played baseball in in the 9th grade which didn't go so well. Then again my High school the Alexandria Cardinals is known more for its swimming team.

But I've lived all over in that area, I have some fond memories there.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

Lol! If wrestling were easy

Lol! If wrestling were easy it would be called basketball! ; )

Are you still in the area? CD 7?

We were at a tournament in Alex. We pretty much cleaned house for ya'll. Good times.

Ahhh fuck you, BT.

Got teary eye'd watching that, you SOB....

awesome post.


If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Some of the best

Some of the best sportsmanship I've ever seen was from this sport. I've never never been brought to tears from another sport. Read this....this one happened this year at our state championship. Guaranteed to make you cry.


Once a year

is my quota. I try for less but I'm only human.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

(((((Unknownuser &Westler)))))

What a beautiful letter.

When we were touring Italy, my dad took us to museums, which one had "The Westlers".

Isn't it interesting how profound wresting, an anceint art, like dancing, became a sport, and one of the first to go over the top commercial.. "It's Sooo fake!!" And yet, it remains an art despite the costumes and media.

Congratulations to your Wrestler and you.. who knows what being grounded really means.

High school wrestling and WWE

High school wrestling and WWE are not even in the same park. Now, MMA...that's something else!

Oh gosh

I wasn't saying WWE and HS Westling are the same LOL.

I'm saying that wrestling is an anceint art form like dancing.. anyways.. it was meant as a compliment.

GOOD LUCK and thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

Thank you Granger for being

Thank you Granger for being you.

Sounds alot like wrestling leads to

Learning about individual liberty and its responsibilities. I also was a late wrestler started my junior year. I understand what you are talking about. Most martial arts use the same discipline as wrestling.

In fact the MMA fighters say time and again its wrestling that makes the best foundation.

Wrestling is very under rated as a sport.


One of our coaches is an MMA

One of our coaches is an MMA fighter. My son really looks up to him and would also like to be in MMA.

I think that regardless of how much everything sucks...find something you love and get good at it. Cause in the end, what's it all for? Right?

I kinda feel bad now

I have seven years of karate (tang soo do) under my belt and a couple of years ago my nephew started wrestling in high school, so when he visited me and wanted to try out his moves on me, I showed him how my self defense stuff pretty much makes his stuff irrelevant, he kept telling me I was breaking the wrestling rules. I said I Dont know the rules. Well after he went home he figured out how to use the stuff I showed him during the match when the ref coudnt see. sorry about that.

You mean like using pressure

You mean like using pressure points and stuff like that? That's bad sportsmanship. Oh well.

High School Wrestling Is An Equal Opportunity Sport !

All wrestlers are matched by equal weights. Therefore, unlike other sports huge people don't have an advantage.
The object is to pin the opponents shoulders to the mat for 3 seconds.
In my humble opinion, professional wrestlers make a mockery of real wrestling.

One of my team mates was considered a 98 pound weakling by the whole school, when he was a sophomore. By the time he graduated he had came in 2nd in the state at 106 pounds, a monumental achievement. Needless to say, he received celebrity status at our 20th high school reunion, while our heavyweight state wrestling champion was elected to Mayor of our small city, for many years.


My sons a light weight. He's

My sons a light weight. He's got a few kids in his wight class to wrestle off before he can be varsity. Unfortunately these kids have a lot more experience and are a bit cocky too. My sons goal is to join this camp and have a big transformation so he can come back and whoop some a$$. He just wants his letter.

Yes among other things

That are apparently against the rules. when you do self defense stuff there are no rules, but in highschool wrestling you get points for doing stuff a certain way, and lets just say hanging on to me is very uncomfortable.


thanks for sharing!
your story is very similar to my own.

My son ended up not pursuing wrestling in college after a 2 year attempt at it at a D1 college program and a D1 AA program. Too much time needed, etc.

He did end up a 2 time high school finalist and 1 time state champ and a 6th place finish a the NHSCA in Va beach.

However, I LOVE the sport because it virtually erases politics on a high school team. It's a very libertaian sport, IMO.

I also relate it back to an old testament passage - " . . by the sweat of they brow shalt thou eat . . ".

I'll make one statement of fact here.

One on one combat sports(boxing, wrestling, MMA) are the most difficult things in the sports world. PERIOD!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

I agree! As a high school

I agree! As a high school sport, wrestling is hands down the hardest sport. And the amount of discipline these kids have is incredible. My son has gained so much confidence since he took this sport on. And as a parent, I am hooked!

Great Article, Thank You !

As a former high school wrestler, I can relate to everything you wrote. Building confidence by wrestling, is a wonderful experience, and works very well against would be bullies.

P.S. Dr. Ron Paul wrestled in high school, and look at the confidence he had when he may be the only vote in a Congress against a certain un Constitutional proposal !!!

I once called him, "The Strongest Man in the USA" when he alone voted against a war.


Wow! I did not know that

Wow! I did not know that about Dr. Paul.

My son wants to have a big transformation over the summer so for his birthday we enrolled him in the J Robinson 28 day camp. I'm hoping he gets a lot more from this experience than wrestling. I've read life changing stories about this camp. I am a proud parent...seeing my own son setting goals and taking shots! That's reassurance that I've done alright as a parent.

I Live In A Very Small Unincorporated Area Of Oregon,,,

And from this area came a "WORLD" champion wrestler, named Les Gutches.

I had the pleasure of knowing and meeting him and his 2 brothers, who also became Oregon high school state champions, which is no easy feat.

Good luck and please don't get in any fights with other excited parents,,, smile { My Dad almost did when I wrestled at the state meet.}


Wanna know the best thing

Wanna know the best thing about having a wrestler as a son? I cannot seem to get from point A to point B in my own home without being put in some sort of hold or pinned. Every damned time! Grrrr...I get so frustrated cause all I want is to get to where I need to be! But then I remember that these days are numbered. One day my son will be moved out and on his own. I cherish these moments. My little miracle is growing up.


that's the great thing about wrestling

you can win as a team,,, or the team loses
yet you can win as an individual

I like the two simultaneous ways of competition.
one thing I learned though,,, was unless your truly gifted,,, experience counts for a lot

I had no chance of beating a kid who was wrestling since he was eight,,, experience matters

and when you have experience and probably very good ,,, you didn't have to get thrown in a lower class to compete , requiring you to starve yourself

sucked wrestling was during both thanksgiving and thru xmas and I couldn't eat a thing

I hope to get my nephew into a youth program when he's 6

I am truly amazed at the

I am truly amazed at the dedication these kids have! We are blessed to have a great program here too. I love when we come into a school and dominate them! But what's great is to watch the good sportsmanship these kids learn. They are so humble. That's all in the coaching though. We have a great coaching staff.