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Passenger Philip Wood text, Fact or fiction ?

Passenger 171 from flight 370 supposedly post text. Funny thing is The post was uploaded from His Actual camera phone on the 18th and the GPS is from Diego Garcia


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How do you text to a website?

How do you text to a website? I don't understand how this would be accomplished. Does anyone know how and why he would text to the 4chan site?

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Like your title better than "100% confirmed."

Who knows anything at this point? Thanks for posting.


Mine was first!

Don't know one way or the other

but file away and remember.

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I say hoax. Wouldn't he have sent the text to

his girlfriend?

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He wanted to protect her.

Why make her a target also? Just saying, maybe he was thinking like that.

Why dump the responsibility in her lap?

Skepticism is warranted.

If the plane was hijacked then we are dealing with criminals. It might be "real" as in real misdirection.

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Buy a very very small cell phone.