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Fun in Albuquerque today!

Albuquerque is coming alive since helmet cam footage of officers killing a mentally disturbed who appeared to be cooperating by shooting him in the back.

Today's protest was fun! It was good to do my part to help stop violence!

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this is good--

good to be involved in--

good job, rayzer42. It's easy to see that emotions were running high, all around.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

@NOTHER Police Shooting There!

US M@rsh@ls shoot un@rmed driver in he@d:


Is there another host with this video?

Every time I refresh the Daily Paul, this video starts automatically and at max volume after about 5 minutes.

It took over 5 minutes

for this 'add comment' box to finally open! That being said, some sites are reporting that,
"...Albuquerque protest of police turns to mayhem, mayor says..."

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what a great showing..

quite surprised that fox news reported "hundreds of protesters marched past riot police in Albuquerque on Sunday". I figured they would try and make it sound like a smaller group.

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But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

That was good except for that guy running his big mouth non-stop

I liked the tactic that was used in Ukraine of just standing there peacefully in front of the cops while holding a mirror.

Yea, that was me...


Ray Powell
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Good Footage! I can only

Good Footage!

I can only imagine the adrenaline running at maximum capacity, knowing what you know about the police state and it's 'license to kill / torture'.


I wondered about that :)

Thanks for posting...

here is article from Fox:


The gathering came days after a YouTube video emerged threatening retaliation for a recent deadly police shooting.

The video, which bore the logo of the computer hacking collective Anonymous, warned of a cyberattack on city websites and called for the protest march. Albuquerque police said their site had been breached early Sunday afternoon, but it was visible late in the afternoon after being offline for hours.

Earlier Sunday, police spokesman Simon Drobik confirmed the disruption was due to a cyberattack and said investigators had not uncovered the source of the hack.


I can't read part of the article cause a freaking ad pops up right in front of 2 paragraphs. So annoying



Ray Powell
Founder, Hacking For Change
Head Geek, Startbutton.com

Peace through strength?

Strength through peace.

While one department

of the federal government is equipping police departments with tanks, kevlar and military training (DHS), another department of the government is looking into police use of deadly force incidents (DOJ).


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