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"I Made Clear The U.S. Still Considers Russian Actions Illegal And Illegitimate!" Sec John Kerry

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Bozo the clown for Secretary of State

Somehow, he thinks he represents us.

Or the Constitution, which he swore to uphold.

The end result is that his belligerence will cost us a lots of money. And create enough debt to make out great great grand children's children impoverished debts slaves. Seven generation will suffer if we choose poorly.

There used to be 25 million people in Iraq. That war has cost us $4 Trillion.

Their are 143 million people in Russia.

Starting a war in Europe will crash our Main street economy.

The Wall street economy is already crashing.

The vultures are planning to grab a lot of loot in the chaos.

With this war they enforce the New World Order because none of us will have the resources except for survival.

Russia doesn't want US products, they all eavesdrop. Sanctions are a cover-up for massive US market failures.

I agree with Ron Paul. We have enough problems here to tend to before we can thrive again.

Free includes debt-free!