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Tesla and SpaceX: Elon Musk's industrial empire ~ Watch and learn

March 30, 2014

So many children dream of fast cars and rocket ships, but few actually grow up to build them -- and change the world in the process

How is it possible that Elon Musk could launch two impossible businesses -- SpaceX, a builder of rocket ships and Tesla which could be the first successful car company startup in America in 90 years.

Scott Pelley: How did you figure you were going to start a car company and be successful at it?

Elon Musk: Well, I didn't really think Tesla would be successful. I thought we would most likely fail. But I thought that we at least could address the false perception that people have that an electric car had to be ugly and slow and boring like a golf cart.


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Solar City, and Pay Pal

Compete with the Oil Company World Monopoly with a winning source of power.
Solar City

Compete with the Personal Transportation Monopoly with a winning source of power.
Tesla Motors

Compete with the Species Transportation Monopoly with a winning source of power.
Space X

Compete with the World Money Monopoly Power (there is none, all those powers of money are counterfeit) with a winning source of power, sell that business, and start the other 3 businesses.
Pay Pal

The Pay Pal concept began as "take over the world" and so it has, but that version of Accurate Currency (or money) was sold to people who are now corrupting the concept.

Bitcoin is one of many possible competitors gaining currency in money markets, so is Islamic Finance, so is Utah Gold banking, on and on, all gaining currency in Accurate Accounting Markets. These Accurate Accounting Markets threaten the Fraud and Extortion Criminals running all the so called State Central Banks, so there are purchases made with the FRAUD money so as to destroy, or incorporate, all competitors so as to enforce a Criminal Money Monopoly Power.

Anyway...Elon Musk actually destroys a lot of myths with his power to supply to those who demand power.

Thanks for the link.

I like this one:

"In fact we find that California manufactured articles to be more cost effective than China."

Might it be that the Criminals are stealing everything that can be stolen out of America, shipping it to Criminals in China, so as to make sure that China wins the World War III that the Criminals are buying with your extortion payments so that those Criminals can then move their Money Monopoly Power from the now defaulted International Monetary FUND to the new World Reserve Currency Power in Asia?


How about government power in the free market?



All of the bankster gangs have relocated

foot soldiers and dons to Asia.
Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul etc.

Another destination is Dubai.

So you may have something there.