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My First YouTube :D (Now with, ahem, link)

This is based upon and suggested by comments on this post -- you guys asked for it, so somehow...I did it.


I've never done a YouTube video before...so please understand if it's not as polished as so many of you make your wonderful vids...

The most important thing to remember is, it's not about "who's leading the pack". It's about -- who do YOU want to lead the pack?

Go, Ron, GO!!

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VERY nice job!

I marked 'favorite' but you have no place for text response, only video. You can find that under 'edit'. Love your text effects. What program did you use?

Use Comments

Thanks, mefleabyte, for the "favorite". Gawrsh.

The only thing I found that might allow "text response" under Edit is to allow comments, which is already enabled.

Proudly made on my Mac PowerBook G4 using iMovie HD. Which for most people would take, oh, probably 20 minutes. It took me a few hours (novice!), so before I make another video, I'd better spend the bulk of my time canvassing.

I wanna hit tons of homes in my precinct today before the debate, and tomorrow morning following the debate!

Loved the theme - add some of his positions

Remember that a lot of people still do not know Ron Paul's platform. I first heard of Ron Paul from a YouTube video. It contained some of his positions.
I suggest 2 additional text scrolls.

1. Voting record from the Ron Paul site slim jim #7

Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes

2. What the Ron Paul presidency will be like (other page of the same slim jim)

A Ron Paul presidency will let people keep more of their money

I really liked the first

I really liked the first half up to when the music stopped. Then I was waiting for a big conclusion to come. I would suggest some really good Ron Paul pictures and maybe some of his best quotes. But that's just me. I'll be waiting for your next video.

The music stopped?

...hm, seems to play all the way through when I view it on YouTube (not even logged in as user). Anyone else experiencing this?

What did you use?

Just curious, what programs did you use to create it?




Fixed that for me. Heh.

: blush :

Yeah...I was so excited about it, that I, um, omitted the link.

It's there now. :}