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Missouri Man Ordered To Remove Cop Video and Pictures From Internet


[Jordan] Klaffer is a gun owner who frequently fires his gun at objects on private property.

On May 1, 2013, Jerry Bledsoe, a police officer, confronted Klaffer while responding to a noise complaint. Klaffer videotaped the interaction, where Bledsoe issued an ultimatum to Klaffer to surrender his guns or be arrested. Klaffer refused to give up his guns and was arrested for disturbing the peace.

To express his opinion that Officer Bledsoe was using his position to harass him for exercising his Second Amendment rights, Klaffer posted recordings of the May 1 encounter on YouTube and Facebook. And, on Instagram, he posted a picture of Bledsoe alongside a photo of Saddam Hussein, with the caption “Striking Resemblance.”

Officer Bledsoe retaliated by obtaining a court order that prevented Mr. Klaffer from posting videos, pictures, and text data criticizing Officer Bledsoe on the Internet. “A government order prohibiting criticism of government is the worst kind of censorship,” explains Tony Rothert, legal director of the ACLU of Missouri.

“Gun advocates who fear the government is infringing on the Second Amendment have every right to broadcast their beliefs,” says Jeffrey A. Mittman, the ACLU of Missouri’s executive director. “The ACLU will always push back against government censorship.”


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That court order will

That court order will backfire on the officer. My guess is that he is about to be criticized much more now.

The pics and videos were probably cached by at least a few search engines, so people will download them to repost elsewhere. Once it's on the net there often is no turning back.

I hope these people are ready for prime time news, also.


I would have said...

..."Officer, there's a third option here. I'm not disturbing the peace now, am I?"


"Then why are you threatening to arrest me?"

Stutter...."I'm not gonna argue with you...," cop says.

"And I'm not gonna surrender my firearms because I don't trust you'll ever give them back. The third option is you leave me alone and I'll stop firing my guns, and let the neighbor bring a formal complaint or charges and I'll see HIM in court."

"I'm going to arrest you if you don't give me your weapons...."

THEN you'd have a case of tyranny.

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So, is the order in present

So, is the order in present tense? If so, he has already posted the material and therefore it shouldnt be subject to the order.

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more to this than surfaces in

more to this than surfaces in the video. If the shots were within kill range of neighbors, then 'disturbing the peace' becomes a relevant reason to restrain repetitions. If it's out in the middle of nowhere on private property, not in anyone's kill zone, then 'disturbing the peace' accusation is laughable.

The fact that the officer is

The fact that the officer is trying to hide his actions behind a censorship court order kinda makes it appear as though he did something wrong that he does not want people to know about. It would be one thing if he was trying to protect his personal privacy but he seems to be trying to hide the public acts of a public servant. The taxpayers who he works for deserve to know what he is doing on their behalf.


So no complaint was filed, no law broken and yet he is

arrested. Hmmmmm I say sue the a**holes for disturbing your peace, harassment and unlawful arrest.

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The Video...

http://youtu.be/GpS-1gjNAGM http://youtu.be/6y71o5Semz0 If the links don't work, let me know. I downloaded the video!

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What in the world does

"disturbing the peace" actually mean? It seems to me that it means anything they want it to. Personally it would be disturbing my peace if my neighbor repeatedly called in armed men to harass me.

Remove from the internet.

Remove from the internet. LOL!!!
Send me the file I will post it!
I bet the rest of you here would too!

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Should not have been arrested but...

Not real sure the mental capacity of anyone who discharges a firearm in a residential neighborhood. You know it's going to scare most "city folk" and cause yourself a huge problem in the grand scheme of things. In the long run weekly trips to the range are much cheaper than legal bills/loss of employment/being drug through the system.

Challenge the city's laws BEFORE discharging firearms as this is looking for trouble if I've ever seen it. Did he actually think that he was going to be "ok" by doing this?

Buy land out in the country, outside of city incorporation limits if a home range is your choice. Not worth the hassle.