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Physics Teacher Presents Evidence of 9/11 Inside Job to Arizona State Students

Physics Teacher, David Chandler presents evidence 9/11 was inside job to students at Arizona State U.

Long video, if you can't watch it all, at least watch NIST trying to defend the lies at 1:22:00.


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The Profs. knew or were told to stay away.

Even curiosity would not be a sufficient enough reason to protect their research grants these days. Guilt by association is why the faculty failed to show-up. Guest speakers usually are given that honor to have various faculty attend a guest lecturer's presentation. It's protocol. I guess the government is still Big Brother.

No show faculty no big

No show faculty no big surprise the topics below most of Academia. The best part is the students requested Prof. Chandler and most of them were barely out of diapers on 9/11. Also notice a growing confidence in the Truth Movement who are starting to call people, check that criminals out.

We're taught in public

We're taught in public speaking classes to just repeat the question piece by piece when you actually don't know the answer. You may not be right but you at least come across as credible.
See NIST for example. repeats the question and describes it but never answers it.

Southern Agrarian

John B Well from C2C has his

John B Well from C2C has his own show nowadays. He had Judy Wood on as a guest and I like her thinking alot more than i like the theories in these videos. Example, the "Horse-shoe-bend" on one of the I-beams is near to impossible to get even with thermite, thermate or any explosive. And the weight, pressure, from the collapse isn't a good enough theory either. And if the evidence cannot point towards any known effect it must be an "unknown" effect. The interview can be found on youtube if you search Caravan to midnight Judy Wood.

If people have not heard of Judy Wood you can find other long and detailed presentations from her also on youtube. If you want to see the effect in action, or atleast an peek into how it works and what it can do you can youtube hutchison effect.

Now is she right? I don't know. But it certainly fits the evidence more than thermite or any other conventional explosive. Now let the flames begin like the last time I mentioned her name.

I agree with your assessment.

The top of tower 2 tilted approximately 22 degrees before it was forced back and comes straight down. At the time, it looked as though the top of WTC 2 was going to fall over and into the street.

How could anyone think the top acted like a pile driver (which is a ridiculous assumption)? What kind of force would be necessary to push the top of the tower back to proceed down through the building and destroy itself?

Dr. Richard Hoagland talks about torsion physics in this short clip, citing the work of Dr. Judy Wood:


Who is Dr. Hoagland?

Richard Hoagland is a former space science museum curator; a former NASA consultant, and during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon, was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News. He has written many internationally best selling books on the topics of "Hidden Nasa", "Mars Cydonia Pyramids", "Torsion Physics" and other topics.

I wish we could send all the AE911

engineers & architects to all the universities and colleges nation-wide. We'd have them "educated" in one month. Students could all then take their knowledge home.

All are HIGH CALIBRE engineers & architects, many from Fortune 500 companies and business owners, as well.

What a group of men, and I'm proud to say my ExxonMobil engineer husband is one of them. :)