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Rand's Rhetoric

It seems obvious that Rand realizes elected officials, especially at the national level aren't elected based on what they actually do or how they vote. Rather American politicians are elected based on their rhetoric. He knows as many of us do that those still plugged into the two party system, those who vote with their hand out don't particularly appreciate the truth. In fact they hide from it and resent the truth teller for their honest depiction of reality. This is why so many establishment rino gop lifers violently opposed Ron Paul, because Ron Paul disturbed their unchanged comfy idealic vision of America. He challenged THEIR status quo and in doing so kicked up the uncomfortable truth by exposing many of these establishment hack voters to their fears and to the reality of what they truly are vs who they profess to be. Most establishment republican voters prefer the sanctuary of rhetoric vs the reality of voting record. Rand also realizes that most of us in the liberty movement are savvy enough to distinguish his rhetoric from the reality of his voting record.

Rand is clearly being a politician. For those paying close enough attention they realize that Rand is talking the talk but STILL walking HIS walk. The strategy is a brilliant one as long as we are smart enough to recognize his strategy. He will recite all the well crafted pretty and vague talking points needed to charm the sunshine patriots to team Rand without ever stirring their cognitive dissonance while distancing himself from the isolationist brand.

His plan isn't perfect and the other side it seems is already aware of his strategy. I think it is time we here in the liberty movement got on the same page.

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There it is again - that pesky "we" word.

As in, "I think we should all ... blah blah blah."

That's where you lost me.

For as many times as I've read this sentence formation on the Daily Paul, I still fail to understand it.

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

there is no liberty movement

....without "we" just as there would never have been a Ron Paul Revolution without some semblance of cohesion. I don't know what it is about "we " you can't grasp when you have presided over a website that "we" all shared - "we" have gathered- "we" all used to plan sign waves and money bombs- where "we" fleshed out and debated ideas - where "we" reached consensus and formed friendships.. What happened in 2012 was not the work of one individual it was a collection of individuals (gasp). A collection of individuals who said I THINK WE SHOULD SEND DONATIONS, I THINK WE SHOULD CONTRIBUTE TO BROCHURES, I THINK WE SHOULD REGISTER AS REPUBLICANS...and you don't understand the value of this sentence structure ?

Another Rand thread. Yay.

Another Rand thread. Yay.

Aren't you exhausted yet? I have had this debate 172 times. I don't think I've changed any minds here.

The DP makes up a small fraction of a fraction of the populous. Change some minds out there. Cause in here, we're all on the same side no matter who we support. In the end, we are all fighting in the name of Liberty.

you may have

had this discussion 172 times but I haven't. Why should I be tired of it.

We aren't all on the same side or page...which is the point of the post. As the sheldon adelsons of the world and the msm begin their assualt on Rand we are still debating whether or not he is "liberty enough" for us, whether is playing the game or if he has sold his soul for higher office. I am only trying to help tie things together. Assuming the remnant that have stuck around here still cares.

I hear ya Ed. I'm just trying

I hear ya Ed. I'm just trying to save you some time and energy. These folks on here may or may not sing a different tune come Election Day but one things for certain...you won't have any impact on their decision. You are going to have to accept the fact that everyone is going to stand for Liberty their own way. The DP...as much as I love coming here...is just a small part of what's going on. Expand beyond these walls if you want to really make a difference.