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New Study Needed RE: Transportation's Affect on Insects.

New Study Needed RE: Transportation's Affect on Insects.

We've all driven down the road and seen a huge "SPLAT" on our windshield as we were carelessly buzzing down the highway impervious to the ecology around us...

Just imagine the huge percentage of insect life that is extracted from the ecology and it never gets eaten by birds, frogs or other species that live (or die) depending on this source of food. And it's not just the windshield either! The grill, headlights, bumper and mirrors all take a good number of hits in a very short time on the road, especially at night when the number of hits can easily be 10 times what daytime driving would extract. If we take the average number of insects removed from the ecosystem by an average car driven an average number of miles and then multiply that by X number of vehicles we're talking some SERIOUS tonnage of bug splat! Surely there's something that CAN and MUST be done. A study should be commissioned that would determine the exact amount of damage done by vehicles driven in the daytime vs. the nighttime. Speed should be a considered factor as I'm sure that speeds under a certain velocity would not be damaging to some or most insects (maybe 5 mph?).

The results of such a study I'm sure would show that there's much that we can do before disaster strikes (if it's not already too late). We might have to do with less driving or perhaps at least get rid of all windshields and go back to goggles. Speeds could be drastically reduced and maybe we should start driving without headlights (which attract the bugs to a sure death). These are simply some of my ideas but I'm sure a proper study will be able to come up with more effective cures.

It may be harder on us as a species but remember, its for the insects...

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No one here wants to vote for

No one here wants to vote for having a commission study this subject??

Beware the cult of "government"...

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