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Question Everything on the Mainstream Media

Good article...

"If you question everything from the mainstream media the likelihood of being led down the garden path by the powers-that-be may be greatly diminished."


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I remember in school I would

I remember in school I would always ask questions about everything, really ticked the teachers off most of the time, but I learned a lot from their answers. When ticked, tended to bend the truth, when not and answering, that was real learning.

I think if people have not picked up on this by *now*??

They may never, honestly. What would it possibly take at this point lol.

PS - great article however. Very on point! Tis exactly the case, clearly on display every day of the week.

Complete BS they are shoveling and thats exactly how they do it.

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Question Everything

Even beyond msm, if you are just following a news source blindly because it is NOT mainstream, then you run the risk of being just as lost.

Question everything and everyone. That includes infowars for sometimes they have it wrong. That includes Kokesh, Swann, Stossel and so on and so forth and I can't think of others because I really haven't paid attention to any news in a long time.

No one gets it right every time though. Question all of it.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

I would even say ESPECIALLY question the 'good guys'

because when you start using their 'facts', and they turn out to be completely wrong, then you look like the turd in the punch bowl. Everyone, who has a public face, will bend things to their advantage, and it is very important that we remember that and hold them up to the same test. This country has become the way it is because of generation after generation of 'repeaters'. Nobody verifies anything, we simply repeat what we have been told as fact. Don't become a repeater, and in fact correct those who are repeating nonsense. If you don't educate them who will?

Yep ^