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"How Can We Change A Republican or Democrat's Mind?"

"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." -- Benjamin Franklin.

Perhaps you've read my essay about "What's in a Name?". If you have, you may agree with me that personal identity is all wrapped up behind the Democrat & Republican labels. This is true of the words Conservative and Liberal. And its true of other such labels, even the label libertarian.

If you were "born into" a ___________ family,..that's your identity you're talk about. Fierce loyalties come about because "we were born/raised that way".

So what's in a name? Everything, a person's whole identity.

And just how powerful could this be, even if you KNOW about it in the first place? Answer: Just as powerful. How many libertarians of the Reason/Cato crowd found it much too difficult to re-register and wear the "R" label for Ron Paul? How many found it much easier to rationalize keeping that "L" party label next to their name? Most, I am afraid to say. Perhaps you too had a very tough time of it.

So lets review: What's in a name? Answer: Someone's whole identity.
How strong is the attachment? Answer: Its jealously guarded and rationalized with fierce loyalties. Like always being a "liberal" or a "Conservative" or a "Catholic" or "Mormon" or "Baptist" or "Cardinal Fan" or "Brewers fan"....such loyalties are all wrapped up with a person's identity and fiercely guarded.

So, let us ask the question again, "How Can We Change A Democrat or Republican's Mind?"

Answer: You are not going to do it by changing the R or D in for an L. Sure it may happen slightly at the margins, yes a few of us even did it, but that's an usual occurrence. It happens, yes, but its not reliable.

So, again, "How Can We Change A Democrat or Republican's Mind?". Well one thing should be clear. His/her mind MAY change, but the fierce loyalty to the R or D brand will remain.

So what changes then? Answer: Team players. Just as a team will change its players and yet the fan base stays loyal, so must we change the team players, politically. And by team players, I am speaking of the ideas. Its the ideas that change over time.

That is, from the inside we must change a Democrat or Republican's mind. And to do so, we MUST, if we are to be effective, MUST NEVER EVER EVER EVER be branded as from "the other" team. We cannot be the Other.


So to be effective at changing a Democrat's mind or Republican's mind, we must be ON THE SAME TEAM. You must be able to say, "Hey I am like you, long ago I voted for ______. I mean well just like you.


To be effective, you must zero in on the one thing they believe, espouse, think is true, etc that is based on the right freedom principle. You must be able to say, "Hey I really REALLY agree with you on that. You and I are very tight on that issue.


To make Step Two deeply effective, with your "deep agreement" on it, you must be vague, "I guess so", and a team player on all other issues. YES, all other issues. Remember, you are on their Team now.

STEP FOUR: Build a friendship over that one issue you agree on. Jokes, satire, principled articles, facts, etc. Get to that "for years we've agreed on this" nod and a wink status with your friend.
Be vague, awol, obviously going along to get a long on most other issues. Yes, its ok to be that "one issue guy" even though you and I know you've bought the whole liberty sandwich.

STEP FIVE: Get selective. Yes, you have a lot to choose from, but choose just one. Then Connect the liberty dot to the next closest issue, the one you've chosen as "attainable" with your knowledge of your long time friend. To be jarringly effective, you must be able to say/write, "For the same reason Bob we both agree on here, I think that same reason applies here too" ....or...."Jim, we both have agreed on how important freedom of speech is, heck you and I absolutely hate the KKK, but you and i would support their right to speak their mind. You and I are the only two out there who gets it. Well anyway, I must say for the same reason I support [___________]. Its all the same freedom principle for me, you see.

STEP SIX: When they come for "team support". As in its "Team Bush" or "Team Hillary" time, after having tied the freedom principle that you agree on to "other issue" [____________], you then can say, "I just can't make excuses for our side anymore. We've got to be better than them."

STEP SEVEN: Then Go Quiet. That's right, you've done enough. By just linking in deeply one one freedom Principle, that that person ALREADY Agreed with in the first place, and showing how it links up to another issue as well, you've done enough. Seriously.. be quiet, as in shut the hell up....Watch for signs day after month that the freedom meme is working its way through their mind. Allow the magic of time, lots of time. If you must speak, speak only of the things you agree on, and 100% avoid like the plague those things you don't. Let them be the ones "caught off guard" with shock when they learn "You mean you don't support Hillary-Bush?!!!!" ...Then repeat Step Six by reminding them how the two are linked. You can even openly wish for more "D's" just like you, or more "R's" just like you. (a backhanded way for you not to be "the other" and a clear invitation for them to join you, without giving up their identity and team loyalty.)

STEP EIGHT: Repeat 1 thru 7.

It does not matter if we infiltrate the 2 Party Duopoly or the neighborhood barbecue. The method is the same, changing minds happens from within. There can be no birth rate fast enough to grow our numbers. Working from within is our only way forward.

Finally, we should all study more and more on the topic of how people do come to change their minds on an issue.

Ron Paul changed his mind on one issue. He went from being pro-death penalty, to being against it. Too much power in the hands of the State he said. To many court room mistakes, police investigation mistakes, and too many innocent people he said. But he did not come around fast...it took time. You may want to reflect on any issue that you've changed on, and take a good note of how long it took...lots of time.

Good luck.

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... and then surgery.

Obamacare will pay for them both!


Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

In general? No. Look at the

In general? No.

Look at the percentages of neocons that frequent Daily Paul. Hell look at who they support. The guy who abandoned his own Father's campaign to support AND stump for a fascist, AND who very much supports the military industrial complex while simultaneously supporting the arresting and caging of American people merely because they enjoy a plant. This is a guy who supports real liberty? These are people who are supporting liberty?

Speaking of supporting the military industrial complex, it's an all volunteer military is it not? Need I say more?

I was a Reagan supporter many years ago. That scumbag helped bankrupt this country to an even larger extent his democrat counterparts did. We will never pay off the debt that Reagan left. Never. But this is not only ok to republicans, regain is almlst deity.

A friend told me about how reagains tax cuts were a sleight of hand. Sure he reduced the rate but simultaneously agreed with other democrats and republicans to eliminate a number of tax write offs and shelters and that's how you increase revenues by alledegly lowering taxes. Lowered the rate, raised by eliminating deductions to tens of millions of Americans. That's dishonest. That's slimey. I stopped being republican and joined the LP right after that and voraciously read everything that fee.org prints.

I went back to support Dr Paul. Between the scumbags in the gop, the press and his own son , we didn't stand a chance and with nobody willing to "protest", ala 1968, they stand nothing to lose by continuing with the same tactics over and over again.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

You are an Unusual Case....

as usual (wink)

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This is key. I practice this

This is key. I practice this all the time. Im like the liberty ninja. Planting little liberty grenades in people's brains. And they don't even know I'm doing it. Sooner or later...Kaboom.

"The Backfire Effect" is something we must all watch out for..

"The Backfire Effect" = Head-on attempts to persuade can sometimes trigger a backfire effect, where people not only fail to change their minds when confronted with the facts — Now they may hold their wrong views more tenaciously than ever.

Read all about it here: "THE SCIENCE of Why We Don't Believe Science"...


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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