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Silver Outsells Gold 334 to 1 in March at the U.S. Mint

UPDATE: The U.S.Mint Added 878K silver eagles and 1K gold eagles to their totals. The ratio is now 334 to 1

Silver Eagles outsold Gold Eagles at the U.S. Mint by a wide margin in March- 298 to 1.

In dollar terms silver out sold gold more than 2X in March.

Retail investors clearly prefer silver.

Full details and chart:


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U.S. Mint adds 878K Silver Eagles to its March totals

The U.S. Mint adds another 878K Silver Eagle sales to its March totals bringing Silver Eagle sales to 5,354,000 for the month and increasing the silver to gold sales ratio to 334 to 1.

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I'm buying as much silver as

I'm buying as much silver as I possibly can right now. Anything below $25 is a GREAT buy. If it gets in the low $30s, there's still time, but I wouldn't invest much in it at that price though. Now is the prime time to buy silver.

Worst case scenario is that silver peaks out at $35. Very likely it's going to eventually hit the $50s at some point.

But this is why silver is so awesome right now, if the markets ever *really* crash or precious metals start accounting for all the dollars in the system (which happens once in a while), then you're talking $250-450/oz for silver. Basically, using as little as $10,000 from your retirement accounts or savings to buy at silvers current price would be one of the best low risk investments you can make. At worst case, silver is probably going to double in value and you'll make a little extra on your initial $10k investment. But if the dollar ever goes down, your purchasing power is protected. Your $10k in silver could then be turned around to buy a house.

And the 2014

Walking Liberty's look better than ever.

Has anyone had success finding fractional coins? I can't even find 1/2oz, let alone quarters or dimes...

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Bought my kids

each one 2014 Silver Eagle for Valentine's Day from the local coin shop. The Silver Eagles were spot + $7 if I remember right.

They had plenty of old US silver coins (junk silver) in all denominations when I was there... not sure how their inventory is today though.

I can't remember the prices on the junk silver that day, but I thought the Silver Eagles were a better deal at the time.

Wish I could buy more silver now, but retreat repairs are getting in the way!

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I wonder what the graphs

I wonder what the graphs would look like if we incorporated the sales of foreign silver and gold bullion by domestic vendors. People are buying a lot of AGE's but also a lot of maples, libertads, or krugs as well.

Southern Agrarian

I'll be pulling charts on the Canadian and Perth mints soon

In February the Australian Perth Mint sold near equal amounts of gold and silver. There is a link in the February silver to gold ratio at the bottom of the original post

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