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Ron Paul irrelevant

So says Jack Cafferty not 2 minutes before this post.

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Old Media = Irrelevant

Once again, someone "we think" is a "closet" supporter shows his true colors. When will "we" learn?

And then

They attack you.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

What he actually meant

that RP was irrelevant for the establishment and necons but NOT for the American people. Moreover, CNN represents a private viewpoint and does not speak for the people. For that matter Fox/MSNBC/NBC/CBS/xyz, all are private companies with vested interests and we should treat their opinions as such. There is no need to go ballistic at every word they speak that does not chime with our interests (i.e American public interest) and as RP supporters we should respect those private property rights.

Just because we listen and watch them it does not mean we agree with them. We have our opinions, they have theirs and whoever gets the support of the majority on the election day holds the administration power for the next N years/days. After being in a republic this should come naturally to Americans. Whether the votes are counted legally or not is another story though.

Hate povery, not the poor - Gandhi

Hate povery, not the poor - Gandhi

As Long As He Has A Voice ....

he can keep this country from a McCain as President. Big government here we come if he is elected. I bet Kennedy would pick him over Obama.


In that case...

Maybe Ron SHOULD invite Mikey on as his running mate. The REAL conservative with the "next closest" (granted, big gap there) conservative.

That could make for interesting commentary...