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The Engine of the Global Economy - New Lampoon The System cartoon

Yellen performs the only trick she knows to try to tune up the old clunker that is the US Economy. Maybe adding more zeros to the bills would help? You can also check out this cartoon in this month’s EuroPac Precious Metals newsletter.

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its so damn frustrating....

it appears to me that all they are now doing is "printing" money...distributing it to all the well connected elite and they are using this counterfeit money to buy assets...land, homes, yachts, parts of ukraine, etc.

They probably can't beleive how they just come right out and tell everyone that they are handing out billions each month to themselves and their banker friends and will keep doing it until someone forces them to stop or the system crashes. Either way they will own trillions in assets while the rest of the US and much of the world ends up holding worthless paper. If you were allowed to print unlimited amounts of our legal tender...isn't that what you would do? (if you were a crook of course) Use the "money" to buy assets that are paid in full with your name on the title(s).

Enough people have figured out the FED is a "legalized" criminal institution that is looting us for all we are worth...it would seem that SOMEONE could stop the madness and handcuff the motherfcukers...or hang them all like most of us would really like.


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Amoeba will overrun walls

which other amoeba create -- a "wall" to keep the others out, thus hoarding all the Earth's food for themselves.

There is no wall high enough to keep all the other amoeba out.

Which of course explains the culling.

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Monetary reset coming soon.

Monetary reset coming soon. Inevitably. Can not commerce with backless paper forever.


Yellen just announce that they will be decreasing the QE and will be raising interest rates by 2016?

It's a bluff...

The tapering will end soon and QE will be ramped back up. The current US economy will collapse if they try to increase interest rates. We're hooked on 0%.

Lampoon The System

Then technically

shouldn't everyone on here be cheering this on? I mean essentially the government is giving away free money, interest free. shouldn't capitalists be excited at this? literal free market.

This is all I can think of when i see this...

"The economy is not a car there is no engine to stall, no expert can fix it there is no "it" at all; the economy is us, we don't need a mechanic, put away the wrenches the economy is organic"

EconStories "F.A. Hayek"

Put down the wrench and step away from the Economy...

I don't think Yellen read that piece... Even if she put down the wrench, she still has the SCREW!

Lampoon The System

wrenches don't turn screws

i mean, i guess technically they can, but...