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Ron should try to get McCain to explode tonight....

He should just keep pushing his buttons until he explodes or implodes, depending on how you see it.......then everyone would see Mccain for who he really is....that would be great.....

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Rommels desparate for a

Rommels desparate for a McMeltdown aswell. Plus, I expect Huck to be kicking and screaming to stay in this thing too. By the way Hucks been campaigning I expect him to try to canibalize the good Doctor. McWar is being portrayed as the frontrunner passing Rommel so this i'd say could be Rommels day of reconing. He needs rise above it some how or he's toast and he knows it. Expect Rommel to push economy.

Personally my tactic would be ignore McWar like he's the one that's irrelavent. Beat Rommel with the economy stick. Defend agaist and shut down assaults from Huck.

I think this is the best tactic. Timing is everything though. If you can stack economy attacks back to back with Rommels economy attacks that could trigger a McMeltdown and further expose Rommel sealing his fate aswell.

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

I agree:

use the "With al due respect """ Interrupt and make a point"""""

Use """" EXCUSE ME Senator McCain """"" I am not sure who is giving you this information might I suggest you read the Warren Report.

Compare his actual record on voting against tax cuts, voting for Pork, aligning himself questionable left leaning people as Lieberman and even Keating.

Attack ---------->>>>>>> He is not the choice of the Conservative Republicans but is the choice of the republican establishment, military, industrial etc....

Ask McLaim about the connection between his economic friends

(Phil Graham) wife in connection to Enron.
I wonder if he would start off his answer with let me give you some straight talk my freinds?
ROBERT BRYCE: She was on the board at Enron at the same time that Graham was in the Senate sponsoring legislation that benefited Enron. Not only did Graham not recuse himself, he sponsored legislation that effectively allowed Enron to operate as an unregulated commodities exchange. So, I mean, there's plenty of -- Enron's money corrupted a lot of elements of government, and it wasn’t just the Bush administration. I’m not saying that to excuse the Bush administration, because, I mean, when you look at Enron and you look at the Bush administration, you see the similarities. Both operated with this clear idea that they were going to change the world, that the world was going to follow their new business model and that that was going to change the world forever."


And to whom did McCain tell Moore he turns to for advise? "His foremost economic guru," wrote the columnist, "is former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm (who would almost certainly be Treasury secretary in a McCain administration)."


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!


It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

No Passive Ron Paul... PLEASE...

Ron needs to be REAL aggressive... Interrupt if he must, but he must NOT be PASSIVE....

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RP could push the McCain anger button...RP could force McCain to have his "Dean" moment on national TV.

McCain has documented anger outbursts...using FU on senate floor..on and on...this is no secret.

Anyway, RP would need to bring up some forgotten truth about McCain...like the Keating 5...or a real sore, forgotten anti-conservative...these things make McCain most mad. Trying to get McCain to show his ignorance...won't set him off...because he...nor people watching don't have a clue anyway...but bring up some long forgotten fact....giving McCain...his "Dean" moment.

If McCain listens to his

If McCain listens to his advisors he will be trying desparately to not McMeltdown. As the alledged front runner he doesn't have to perform well, just not perform bad. Plus he will be getting most of the talk time and will have to answer more questions than his tiny brain can retain. Expect McCain to be on defense and playing reserved.

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."


wonder...the station must have some sort of 5 second delay in place...you think? ha.


These days those delays are 1 min or more.

Shoot, when I called Glenn Beck, even the internet has a long delay over the airwaves. I was able to hear most of my call after I hung up.

we have the ammo lets shoot

Dr. paul has worked w/ this sleeze for a long time now . Unlike other candidates ron has payed attention to the acts of congress . so do we blast him for being an unrational war hawk, or his flip floppy record , or even his elidgeability for this race considering he was born in panama

Keating Five...that will do it for McCain

Wikipedia link:


What will do it for Romney? However, he's far more polished and controlled than McCain.

With such a temper, he makes for a very bad President. It's fine in the Senate, maybe even entertaining, but the leader must be more mature or at least more stable.

It's funny as Hillary Clinton also is reported to have a very nasty temper. The two of them (McCain and Clinton) really are alike in many ways.



delete my account!!!

temper temper

Everyone talks about what a temper he has.. I think Ron Paul needs to go after him like Tom Cruise did in "A Few Good Men" after Nicholson. I'm not saying anything good about Cruise or scientology so shut up, don't even want to hear your bullshit. But my point is that he needs to get him off balance. Not hard to do. McCain contradicts himself all the time. And the majority of this country doesn't agree with him on issues. Needs to get him to admit his positions and/or explode which I think he will do if nudged enough.

I wanna DeanScream moment


Dont forget about Romney...

The am radio "conservative" talk shows seem to be backing Romney as the more conservative. They are really dragging Mccain through the mudd.
What their stategy is....? Im not sure. It seems to be to elect Hillary... which is what GWB wants so it makes sense that his attack dogs are secretly working for that too.

So Ron should really go on the offensive against both!! Ron Paul is vastly superior to these clowns. He needs to take his phasers off stun... and set them on vaporize!
Semper Fortis

Semper Fortis


I think Romney's explosion would be more entertaining.

I agree

He kinda has a temper too. Notice when anyone attacks him he gets so flustered. Ron needs to give him the smack down!

I think it is too soon. If

I think it is too soon. If we're heading for a brokered convention, that is. Otherwise everybody better get their behinds in gear, sign up to be Precinct leaders and WIN this outright.


Show the neocon bastard no quarter.


*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *


McCain needs to melt down. Where's the bucket of mop water???

The focus now is to take out McCain from the race. Huckabee is gone soon anyway. Romney isn't going anywhere.

"Welcome to 2008: The Year of Ron Paul!"

I wonder if somehow RP could work in a comment

on the housing bubble and lending practices to the Savings and Loan debacle. He wouldn't even have to mention McCain's name in it as anyone in the audience familiar with politics would know McCain's involvement, lol.

RP: My question is for Senator McCain: would you compare the current housing bubble and fraudulent lending practices to the actions of Charles Keating and the Savings and Loan debacle of (whatever year it was).

He might explode on that.

Plus...at the time, the MSM was ALL OVER that Charles Keating/McCain scandal. They would be hard-pressed not to discuss such a question afterwards.

You obviously mistaken the American voters

for sentient beings. Pearls before swine. Witness the last debate with the "plunge team" question.


That just might do it...........