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Stop watching your TV....

For those of you whom I have seen getting "discouraged" I would like to offer my view....

a.) Nothing good ever comes easy and electing Ron Paul as President is certainly no exception. Everyone knew (knows) that this is an uphill battle and that we are swimming against the current. That current is strong and will likely become stronger than weaker.

b.) You CANNOT determine your success by what you see, hear, or read in the media so just turn it off if it discourages you.

c.) You will not succeed by sitting at your terminal and exchanging messages with "the choir". You must detach yourself from your seat and get out and talk to PEOPLE about Ron Paul. Use t-shirts, bumper stickers, signs, whatever you have available to "break the ice". Simply advertising your support for Ron Paul will cause others to question you as to why.

d.) Please do not try to solve every problem in America TODAY. Focus on results, focus on the election of Ron Paul. Your individual voting precinct is where your efforts are best spent, one neighborhood, one voter, at a time.

e.) DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THOSE WHO ARE NOT VOTING... there is a reason why they are not voting and they need to be encouraged to VOTE... period.

f.) For those of you who have exceeded your donation limits to the Ron Paul campaign... DONT FORGET ABOUT INDEPENDENT EXPENDITURES. There is no limit that I am aware of as to what you can spend in excersing your right to free speech. If you have exceeded your donation limit and still want to give more, you can simply support Ron Paul in your own communications to voters. You can mail letters, buy radio ads, or do any other thing that the campaign can do, without limitation (as far as I know, you may wish to confirm this through your local elections office). There are typically only hundreds of voters in many precincts across America. It does not cost that much to mail a letter to your individual precinct, particularly if you have the support and labor of volunteers.

g.) Work in your neighborhood, not on the nation.

h.) At the minimum, you have simply to follow through. Under no circumstances should you fail to vote, or fail to vote for Ron Paul. DO NOT GIVE UP OR SUCCUMB TO YOUR TELEVISION's point of view.

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Good post

I can't stand the TV....

I agree just turn it off.....

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