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I Heard Boortz have a "Mark Larson" moment today.

He was going on and on about freedom and America and how could Florida elect McSatan and Hillary and then he say's "Well maybe I'll just vote for the Libertarian candidate!!" I'm sure he's been summoned to appear before the dark lords of national syndication by now.
It's sad, he used to be so cool. I used to trust and respect him.

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Boortz is a LOBSTER

Libertarian Orator Beseeching Society To Elect Republicans

LOBSTERs are worse than RHINOs. Every four years he gets all upset at the Republican nominee and, as a Libertarian, says he can't possibly vote for him. Then, something always changes his mind so that he can vote for the Republican. It's the MSM's way of trying to keep Libertarians voting Republican.

You wait. He'll be singing the Republican nominee's praises by mid October - unless it's Ron Paul. then he'll come up with a reason to vote the Democrat ticket.

The only thing Boortz ever did for me

was get me curious enough to read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I'll give him that.

A Message from Mark Larsen - WWBA - Tampa

I am so grateful for all of the response from Ron Paul supporters. You folks are awesome!

I have so many emails pouring in I cannot possibly thank everyone. I started early this morning trying to, at least, send a "Thank you, note to all -- but I can't keep up!!

Please blog this message on the boards, so everyone will know how grateful I am for the support. I don't know where to start.

Sorry my show isn't syndicated -- the networks won't have anything to do with me. I've been on the air here in Tampa Bay almost 30 years. I was the first one in this region to put Congressman Paul on the radio back in the early 90's, regarding the Federal Reserve.

Yours in Liberty
Thank you!! :-)

Mark Larsen, Morning Host
NewsTalk AM 1040 WWBA Tampa Bay
Listen to The Morning Magazine,
Weekday early mornings 6-9AM on
NewsTalk 1040 Tampa Bay

send a copy of this to Boortz

- the erzatz conservative...

Boortz says he is a libertarian

He has even spoke at their convention. Yet he supports our trillion dollar a year big government foreign policy. Real libertarians do not think government is the answer, he does.

Boortz: fear > freedom

Boortz, like many conservatives that vote for neo-cons, are afraid of the 'Islamic terrorists'. They say they like freedom and liberty and, thus Ron Paul's message, but they are so afraid of the middle east (read 'racist'), they sell out to the people most willing to kill middle easterners.

Bascially, liberal neo-cons have used the terror caused on 9/11 to pressure conservatives into voting for liberal neo-cons. That makes the neo-cons the real terrorists.

I wonder what would have happened if Ron Paul started off not saying he'd pull them out immediately. He definately words a lot of things politically (e.g., abortion, building 7). If he did the same with the war right from the beginning, he'd likely be wildly popular.

Hmmm, after SuperTuesday, I wonder if Ron Paul could modify this stance so he doesn't appear to be a flip-flopper. If so, he could run as an independent and probably win. However, it would be REALLY hard for him to modify this stance. He could just be honest "Hey, you know how I feel about this war, but to win I have to promise to keep the troops there...so I will. Now, vote me in and let me make massive corrections to our spending, taxation, etc."

Oh Ya!

Boortz is a total sell out Sean Hannypie wanna be now. Before he went national he had a set of stones, now he's just another spineless, money grubbing, dillweed, neocon idiot.

Boortz is the special interes groups puppy!

He is an intellectual prostitute. He is in the special interest groups payroll. Period!

Agreed...when the rubber hit the road, Boortz bailed on liberty.

I've completely stopped listening to him...and all the others for that matter.

I just put in a CD or listen to a jazz station.