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Mark Manier, Ron Paul Republican Running For State Rep In Michigan, Launches Website

My name is Mark Manier. I am running for Michigan House of Representatives in district 27. I recently launched my website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I have never built a website before, but I think I could have done worse! Please take the time to visit my website. I would really appreciate any feedback about the design, the delivery of my message, or if you happen to notice any spelling or grammar errors. My parents think I was a little too hard on my opponents. Do you? And let me know if you have any questions about my campaign or my political beliefs. Thank you!!!


And here is a picture taken the other day while skeet shooting at River Bends Park in Shelby Township, Michigan.


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deacon's picture

ehhh,big deal

I can post many of pictures of politicians with arms
heading to your website? NO
Too much blather from one who wants to follow

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

Go fuck yourself, deacon

I am sick of you following me around the DailyPaul. You're like a stalker. If you think you could make a better representative, do it. But don't go around trying to tear others down just because you don't have the guts to run for office. If you had any real courage, you would be running for office and posting the same articles as me. Instead, you're acting like a coward and badmouthing me for actually trying to improve things. Seriously, go fuck yourself. If you really had a problem with me, you would attempt to ask me about my political positions. It's obvious that your problem is not with me. It is with yourself. You are a neo-con piece of shit.

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Personal attacks from a wanna be REP,gee,I didn't see that coming
But lets to the heart of the matter,shall we?
You are doing the same thing every politician has done,One is posing with an arm(one that looks all shiny and brand new,just like Pelosi)
You want change? Then do things different than all others are doing
As far as stalking you? You must think you are really important,don't you?
It was not me commenting to my comments,that was you,so you were the one NOT leaving me alone
I never had a real problem,but you have some bad reading comprehension skills
I flat out told you I was playing the devils advocate,AND you,even after reading what I typed,Still went off on a tangent,and just like this time
NAMECALL just like a grown up would do poor poor booboo
But NOW,I would not help you out with anything,you would make a bad REP
for any state,especially MICH
I am done with you,you have serious issues,one of them,you can't take any criticism,even when it is not directed towards you personally
I won't vote for you ,I won't give your campaign any cash.But now,after your idiotic rant,I might just post this to your opponents website
Just to show how you would talk to any who differ in any opinion you have already formed
This is the last time I will engage you,You just aren't worth the time

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

Go ahead

You're an obnoxious neo-con. You think women and doctors should be thrown in jail for abortion. You think your definition of "when life begins" should be enforced on everyone by the government. I do not. You have consistently proven, time and time again, that you are unable to have a rational discussion about anything. Now, you stalk any post I put up about my campaign and bitch about me. Please, send the links to my opponent. My district is 75% Democrat to 25% Republican. You would be doing me one hell of a favor.

P.S. That is a Browning A-5 "Humpback" they manufactured from 1902 to 1998. All guns should look nice and clean if you take care of them. That's something I am sure you would understand if you actually owned or cared about guns.

By the way...

if you actually took the time to visit my website, you would see that there is no donation page. I have not taken a single donation for my campaign. Nor have I asked anyone for a donation.

I think the videos are

I think the videos are distracting, if you want to keep them. I suggest you take them off the "issues" and "my opponents" pages. And consolidate them into a 'recommended viewing' page.


Texas Liberty Talk Radio http://www.ragingelephantsradio.com/

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

Thank you!

I considered the same idea. But my district is 75% Democrat to 25% Republican. I figured I needed to introduce them to the videos immediately after explaining the concept. I think it would be a little too much to expect them to check out a separate page of recommended videos. These are new concepts to most of my voters, and I know I cant explain it all myself.

Good luck man


The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.

Thank you!!

I appreciate it!!!

Go, Fire up Chips!

I have not yet checked out your site yet Mark, but will keep tabs on you progress, if you will indulge us. Good Luck!

Thank you!

Please do! I think you will enjoy it!!
P.S. "Fire Up Chips" is pretty much my absolute favorite catch phrase.

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Are you a CMU alum?

MP is my hometown

A group of pandas is called an embarrassment. Sometimes Chris Cudnoski is called an embarrassment. Coincidence?....hmmm....

I love Mt Pleasant!!!

Mount Pleasant is probably my favorite place in the world. I lived there for a while attending the local community college. I graduated from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, but I absolutely love Mount Pleasant. There is nowhere I would rather be than floating down the Chippewa, in the middle of summer, with a cooler full of beer next to me :)

jrd3820's picture

Fave place in the world? lol. I grew up here so it's pretty

mediocre to me, but it has a certain small town type charm to it, and yes the Chippewa is great along with the millpond parks and whatnot.

I have been traveling aimlessly for quite a few years now, but just got back. My family has a business here in town, and it is very much home even though I lack the enthusiasm about it that you have lol.

Well, good luck to you in your venture.

A group of pandas is called an embarrassment. Sometimes Chris Cudnoski is called an embarrassment. Coincidence?....hmmm....

I won't lie

My favorite thing about the place is all the pretty young women. They're everywhere! Mt Pleasant is not like most college towns. There is not much in Mt Pleasant other than the college. I love that about the town. I'll be vising in the next couple weeks. We should meet up if you have some free time!

P.S. I've got a story for you about the Chippewa River that I think you will enjoy!


I am OLD though, lol, I was there when it only cost $45 credit hour.


I think I would go there forever if that was still the case!