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My A child...

I guess I've always recognized your talents, your specialties and your prodigious ways. I suppose at some point in your early years I chose to love you as a unique and brilliant jewel, refusing to question the splays of light your personality emitted. These several years later I find myself in a different place. I remember your wizardry at putting together 50 piece puzzles at age 3, your current and ever growing capacity for words and numbers, which finds you reading at levels several grades above your age. I recall the patterns and symmetries in the matchbox cars you would line up and as designs create. I understand now your elusiveness to certain foods, and that without ever tasting them you have come to such stubborn measures by refusing to try them.

I see at times how you lack empathy, yet your affectionate side is somehow present. I see at times how you become fixated on certain items and ideas, whether tangible or intangible. I have witnessed your intensity for music and understand it to be so much similar to mine. I wish the tears running down my cheeks prompted the response I expect, but most times they do not.

I will always be here for you my child. I fell in love the first time that little pixelated heart fluttered on the screen. I would give a thousand lives and still another to keep you safe and in the lights of love. I have given my complete heart to you and will never ask for it back whatever path and life is to be laid and made for you. You are my soul. You are the closest I've yet come to the heavenly lights and the dancings in atmospheres foreign from our own.

I love you dear son...and I always will.

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due to late post last night...

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

An incredible, natural, supernatural


I like the "little pixelated heart" - very nicely said.

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I enjoyed reading that.

I enjoyed reading that. Thanks for sharing.