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Blowback is not just for Muslims

This is going to be an uncomfortable and controversial post, but I feel it needs to be said and is very important for libertarians to understand what some of the present day trends forbode.

Have a drink and try to understand where I'm coming from.

There are two conditions in our present political landscape which are working together to store up a huge blowback in a direction which no one in the freedom movement can possibly want. At the same time, the power of certain PC dogmas is so great that its virtually impossible to break the tide here. If we can't break it, we need to understand it, anticipate it, and figure out how we are going to deal with it when it comes.

Political Correctness

The dogmas of political correctness are so powerful and so overwhelmingly entrenched in most people's minds, including libertarians, that like Pavlov's dogs we salivate when the PC bell is rung. It is an unconscious, involuntary reaction that feels most like sickness or fear, and the cognitive dissonance created for a libertarian and supposed free thinker is just too much to permit recognition that he also is in fact brainwashed.

Hard and Soft

There are dogmas in modern political correctness that can be grouped into 'hard' and 'soft' categories. The libertarian freely flouts the soft dogmas, the kind that college girls and soccer moms adhere to instinctively. We depart from leftist economic norms, we depart from right wing pro militarism norms, and stand outside of some other stronger norms. We even take the position that most or all of the government is illegitimate and question much of the mainstream historical narrative. These are radical position, but in terms of verboten status, it is still relatively soft PC. They are liveable positions. They don't cause cold sweats down backs.

Hard PC dogmas are beliefs that are absolutely socially unacceptable, devastating, isolating, and just social suicide. No one questions them unless they want to throw in the towel and become complete outcasts. In our culture, anything that smacks of racism or antisemitism is in this hard PC category. Certain historical facts are entirely off limits, and contemporary concerns about the social impact of rapid demographic changes, no matter how well motivated the concerns, can be devastating to one's social standing.

Part of the overpowering PC dogma we all labor under is the belief that any concern for the future demographic profile of western countries, out of whatever motivation, is "nativism" and racism, and makes its advocate a social leper. I adhere to this dogma as do all of us, and never press the issue loudly here or anywhere. I have no more desire to be a social leper than anyone.

Libertarian Reasons for Demographic Caution

But there are good, libertarian reasons and sound reasons of conscience for worrying about the social impact of some of these trends and how they will play out. It isn't racism or nativism if your concern is about things like the integrity of a constitutionally governable society, a common political discourse, and keeping ethnocentrism and identity politics at bay. We don't want to live in a future of balkanism, ethnic conflict and where the norm is a splintered state of competing ethnic, religious and national parties, where political individualism is impossible.

As uncomfortable as the subject is, the truth has to have its rights. The current PC dogma, combined with rapid demographic shifts is creating a situation as dangerously ripe for blowback as droning kids in Afganistan or sexually abusing Iraqi prisoners.

You can't see it now because you're "in it," you're inside of the matrix so you can't step outside of PC and see how it looks from a neutral observer. I bet you very much a disinterested scholar of social trends in Japan or China can (who knows, maybe some are) see the thing happening with inevitability.

Because we in the modern West labor under the heavy burden of the PC thought police, we actually sometimes forget that white people (gasp!) are just people, like any other people, and they have their limits in terms of being doormats. For whatever historical and cultural reasons, the West has developed a culture where it socially impossible for any institution in society to try to temper or check the growing, open hostility of ethnic advocacy groups against "white privilege" and people generally.

We basically have this vacuum type situation where because of PC and its power, there is no pushback to the media, academic and political narratives of whites as being evil, worthless and worthy of social and physical punishment for their supposed past crimes (some of which are of course entirely true).

Why the focus on this? How is it relevant to libertarianism and the future? Why bring up a discussion that's like discussing rape in Church?

PC Now, Collectivst Blowback Later

The reason is simple. Political correctness is going to produce the exact opposite of what it aimed for. We can already see it happening in the American mood and European politics. When combined with the rapid demographic shifts, open hostility and increasing violence -- and no legitimate or socially acceptable outlet for even moderate pushback or defense -- Europeans will, like any other people, feel increasingly cornered, threatened and resentful about the situation.

The ground will become so poisoned for tolerance and mutual goodwill, due to decades of this cultural imbalance, that people will simply be pushed to the breaking point and go from extreme PC to extreme, defensive collectivism. It might be twenty years before it breaks, but the longer it takes, the more awful it will be, and the less salvageable a libertarian-individualistic political culture.

Take a Deep Breath

I'm sure this topic is already causing discomfort, fear and sickness for some reading it, they don't want to hear it, they want the cognitive comfort of the head in the sand approach. I am sorry, but this little bit of mental anguish is light medicine compared to the real pain of ignoring it. It may be unavoidable, but drink the medicine anyway.

For the sake of your real long term goals, a society where there is no ethnic hostility and collectivism is not the norm, you have to realize that the consequence of these two things, the PC thought police and the rapid demographic shifts, will inevitably be a sharp collectivist blowback that will just end all possibility for a long time of the desired libertarian individualism most of us champion.

You can't turn a blind eye to the issue of political correctness, if not from moral grounds, at least on consequential grounds. Aside from the fact that this brainwashing into cultural self hatred is just fundamentally immoral, it is going to produce a situation impossible for individualistic, small government solutions.

PC is Artificial

The fear you have now of this subject and its discomfort are temporary, fleeting things, they won't always exist. The PC dogma is an unnatural condition brought on by a variety of historical circumstances and social/cultural forces in academia and media, and is an unstable situation.. It isn't normal, it isn't going to exist forever, and will be looked back on one way or another as an aberration similar to Victorian manners and dress.

When it ends, it will be like a boomerang effect going in the opposite direction, where a sense of injustice, defensiveness, hostility and resentment is the opposite swing of the pendulum from the present abject, ingratiating, fearful, cowardly submission and demoralization typical of a PC zombie.

White Supremacism a Parallel to Modern PC

Let me draw a parallel to the social phenomenon of White Supremacism in the 18th-20th century as a mirror situation to what's going on now.

By the 18th century, technology and industry had created a largely unnatural and temporary power imbalance between Europe and the rest of the world, and this allowed huge excesses of abuse, colonial privation, and open supremacism to develop in Europeans. It permitted dehumanization toward the subjects of western conquest because of their inability to push back. It was not to due a special moral perfidy of the Europeans. It was just the excessive growth of natural ethnocentrism when unchecked by pushback.

There was no white supremacism during the crusades, because there were checks and pushback. If Europeans, like the crusaders, tried to conquer neighbors, they got pushed back, and so they respected their enemies as equals and did not see them as inferiors. Once the material conditions changed so that the world could not resist, white ethnocentrism was able to grow side by side with European world power, to obnoxious proportions and received no natural check. Contempt of supposed inferiors was able to grow.

But what happened on the other side? Resentment, anger, hatred for the colonial invader. They respected the power of the West, but because that power was a temporary, unstable thing, once it subsided or balanced out, the blowback was sure to come. We've been experiencing that potent blowback for 60 years, as Western colonialism has retreated.

Inverse Supremacism and Inverse Blowback

The same sort of dynamic is going on now in the West, America, Europe, Canada, in the opposite direction. The colonial subjects are colonizing the West, and political correctness is the inverse of White Supremacism.

Because Europeans basically feel gagged and silenced out of fear social punishment, they are not allowed to check any excesses that develop in immigrant and minority populations in terms of outright obnoxious and insolent demands, behaviors and open hostility.

These groups, more or less innocently, are developing the same kind of contempt and insolent attitude that characterized white supremacy. They do not respect the host peoples in Europe and North America, their natural ethnocentrism is allowed to grow luxuriously into absurd demands on the hospitality of their hosts. It is getting more unnatural and galling by the year.

Unreasonable demands

Demand for open borders against the will of the vast majority; speech controls and penalties for political voices against it; unlimited handouts, lingual accommodation, rewriting history and the educational curricula, rewriting the calender, changing the language and culture to avoid "offending," bringing over whole families, taking over whole regions as if colonizing; giant mosques, loud prayer calls, huge minarets, whole sections of European countries that are no go zones even for European police.

Barbarous customs, practices, complete absence of assimilation. In America, flash mobs, knockout games, open hatred, unchecked crime, cities becoming uninhabitable from crime and welfareism.

The entire institutional and social apparatus is paralyzed to do anything even moderately to check the hostility and social consequences to all this, out of fear of being offensive. The whole thing is on a suicide run and crash course with its ultimate destiny, which will be an extreme and unexpected blowback. Like a market crash or dead cat bounce, the whiplash will be absolutely unexpected and jarring to all the exshperts.

The crime differentials speak for themselves, and the wealth disparity is huge, growing and fertile ground for massive political demands and social upheaval, as demographic shifts make majorities out of impoverished and hostile minority groups.

Head In Sand Approach

To ignore this massive, oncoming freight train while focusing on ghey marriage, quibbling over our favorite variety of libertarian theory, and worrying whether Rand or Jesse Ventura is the next great hope is like shuffling chairs on the deck of the Titanic. The Titanic is anything remotely resembling individualism and libertarianism in politics for the next century.

This is a powderkeg situation, and if you guys think talking openly and honestly about it as reasonable, concerned citizens is frightening to you, well just think what it is going to be like when its too late for rational, open political discussion and moderate political solutions.

When an animal is in a corner it is not going to be a libertarian individualist, and allowing the fear of PC to permit this huge powerkeg to grow and grow closer to the final flame is basically guaranteeing a future of conflict, identity politics, radical collectivism and likely civil unrest.

Shake off the PC brainwashing and consider that, just like the era of White Supremacy ended and was followed by blowback, the era of PC dogma is also a temporary condition, and that it too will produce a similar blowback and as it plays out will render any possibility of libertarian ideals completely impossible, at least until the ethic and group identity politics get sorted out and settles down, which could take a very long time and be a very painful process.

Balkan Future and Collectivism on Steroids

If you guys want to live in the Balkans for 100 years, and for you kids to be joining nationalist defense leagues and secessionist movements, and totally abandoning the civilized ideals of liberty, property and individualism, keep the PC religion on its melting pedestal, and you'll get exactly that.

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PC Religion

AKA multiculturalism?

If so, I love this vid.. very funny [(not) but it is].

So, building a mosque or

So, building a mosque or speaking Spanish is an "unreasonable demand"? I fail to see how it is either. Maybe I misunderstood, let me reread it...

Ah, the mosque has a minaret, nay, a huge minaret you say? OK, that is a problem. First it's foreign languages like Navajo and shit, then big-ass minarets, and before you know it, they'll be hanging Caucasians from trees to take our jobs! Lawdy!

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

The majority

of the populations don't want the immigration. The landscape filling with minarets or prayer calls or genital mutilation or no-go zones for French police are just practical and symbolic consequences of the balkanization/colonization.

Sorry, that wasn't worth the long read

You could of summed that up in a couple sentences. I'm not even sure exactly what you want me to do. "Shake off the PC brainwashing"? I already think opposite, or at minimum differently, on almost every issue of almost every person I know or work with.

If you are saying you want a hot revolution with violence - I will have to disagree. At least for now. There are not enough of us, yet.

You want me to be a white supremacist? I can't, because I'm not even white - I'm Caucasian. Is this all about illegal aliens?

Not very succinct. You talk about not being PC, and then you write this long-winded thing and in the perfect example of being PC, you don't say what you want to say because you are being PC. That is an assumption, but there isn't a point or a conclusion to your writing.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

I say precisely what I want to say

If you don't like it, or weren't able to understand the points, that is your affair. If you're getting bleary eyed after a few paragraphs, stop reading.