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Shock Claim: GPS Data Reveals Possible Location Of Flight 370

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Forget about EXIF for a moment

The US military can track space junk the size of a bolt 23,000 miles away from NORAD.

There must be a thousand polar orbiter (keyhole) spy satellites circling the globe. Just get away from the city, on any dark night and you can watch dozens of them in a few hours time from one location.

That leads me to believe at least one or more of these Intel agencies know where that jet is located.


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While it sounds like an exciting story...

the sad truth is, the metadata and specifically the EXIF data has been proven to be easily modified. In fact, it's been proven that this picture is not the original from an iphone and has been re-saved at least once indicating there likely was some modification made to it (Otherwise, why re-save it).

Whoever created this hoax is a sick person.



I have to wonder, is our military that inept or are they in cahoots with Israel? All eyes were on the development of this technology. Where was the security?

My 15 years in the Army 70s-late 80s


In fact when had the occasion to observe and or talk to any human rank officer Full Colonel and above they seemed to be NOT human. Tyrant is the word in my minds eye that best described the feeling I always got around these higher military ranked people. I felt as if they did not see others as humans any more, power tripping evil people.

I was a SFC higher ranked non commissioned officer for 9 of those 15 years to give you a little perspective of my observations.

Promotions in the officer ranks are not based upon who is the best or most qualified military officer they were based upon written assessment reports by the ranking person in charge during the officers career at various posts, and the political connections the officer had to influence those who decide about who gets promoted at higher ranks this becomes congress at 1 star Brig Gen I believe.

During my career I also had occasion to rub shoulders with some of the ZIO Lieutenants and Captains, officers who came for training. Very arrogant (they were sloppy and rude) They were full of themselves, supremacists that looked down their noses much the same as the higher ranked American officers acted.

These observations were made before I had any concern or knowledge of who the Rothschild family and their criminal followers of Zionist henchmen were.


Nuke 'em

In answer to Perry911's post. All of the aforementioned aircraft need to be altered so as to not be controlled by this technology when they go on their run to bomb Israel. They better do it soon. Remember the Liberty attack. Remember what Dov Zackheim's flight controls did for 911.


Because I get frustrated when a post has nothing but a youtube link or embed.

There are users here that do not have access to youtube. I am one of them because I browse the DP while at work and firewalls block it.

Please provide SOME sort of summary...

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Story saying that the US military

Have the plane and passengers on Diago Garcia base.
Evidence the engineer who used cell phone, GPS coordinates back to the military base.

Then another post below with another Youtube vid shows the trail of corps leading to IsUnReal and the Rothschild family.

As usual all trails lead to the one name of Rothschild.

Overall summary is that this was about a new microprocessor that is used in genocide weapons like drones that Rothschild wants only his zio storm troops to have access to.

As usual one big puppet show distracting audiences while Rothschild agents genocide the onlookers at the same time, screaming anti semite, you have national debt you own me pay up! I am the real victim I am just defending myself. While they depopulate humanity.
The Rothschild family business of creating false debt used to extort humanity into debt slavery through phony governments and extorted theft called tax collections has to end. Its a individual decision and an individual responsibility to end their fraud.



This is based on the alleged 4chan post by "Phillip Woods", with the black picture?

I ran the exif data on the image and plugged in the coordinates myself. Perhaps I made a mistake when I put them in because I got a location North West of the Maldive Islands. Regardless, I wouldn't give much credence to the claim, since exif data is EASILY manipulable. I edited the image myself to show coordinates in Sri Lanka. Then again, I'm not really an electronic CSI detective. I'm just a guy who ran a StartPage search on exif editors.

I think the 4chan poster could have easily picked Mr. Woods out of all the passengers, as the sender of the message, because his girlfriend has been making rounds on the MSM alleging cover-ups by governments involved in the "search" of the missing Malaysian jet.

Personally, I happen to agree with his girlfriend about the cover-ups, but to what extent I can't say for sure. I would like to see this turn out to be true, and I wish the best for all passengers, but this claim requires too much speculation for it to hold up.

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
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was Managing Director for Tescom

Sarah Hamil Bajc

https://www.facebook.com/sarah.bajc (Can't access right now, but I've looked through it before)


Employment History
Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director
Tescom Ltd

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"Daily Entertainment News"

Sarah then became managing director at Tescom in Tel Aviv, Israel, becoming a partner of CxO Partners in 2006; moved to China in 2007 where she became Business Director at Microsoft China and Senior VP at HiSoft Technology International Ltd. in 2009


Can't access TESCOMUS. Can access Isreali site, but can't read it. TESCOM Asia Pacific "under contstruction".

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

Another Twist...


More like a pretzel