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A precinct in Broward County had 110% voter turnout???


Someone posted this link to me from my meetup group. It's not from an official state website but if they are using this SOE software to tabulate the results then it could be considered the real deal. According to that site the software will upload it to their site first.

ClarityElections.com redirects to SOESoftware.com
Here's a chilling testimonial from one of their customers:
“I have been searching for over 10 years for a tool that will do what Clarity CONTROL will do for us."
- Robert T. Saar, Executive Director, DuPage County Illinois Election Commission

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What happened to independents?

Heard Independents were forced to take party ballots to vote (supposedly only for the tax issue) but one guy said he voted for McCain, for one example. Has anyone heard more? It would explain the "extra" turnout in a closed Primary.

wish diebold would give me

similar results at the ATM machine.

They just might!

...by charging you 110% in fees and taking the funds from someone else's account.

How to support RP's cause every day:
1. Don't use credit cards
2. Stamp your cash with RP stamp before spending
3. Take cash out of ATM, stamp, put back in bank
4. Explain to teller why you did #3
5. Repeat