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Ron Paul supported Senate Candidate Paul Broun climbs to Double digit lead in GOP Senate Primary race.

With nearly every Tea Party organization in Georgia backing him, Paul Broun who had been tied for first in the Georgia Senate GOP primary race has moved to a double digit lead.

See today's story from the Atlanta Journal Constitution


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Broun vs Grayson vs Perdue

Broun can win the election. I've met Broun on several occasions at GOP functions. On one of those occasions I asked Tricia Pridemore (she spoke first) what she thought of Nullification and State's Rights, she meandered around about State's Rights and said she was not for Nullification. When Paul Broun took the stage he addressed Nullification within the first 2 minutes saying he was in full support of Nullification and our State's need to be able to set our own direction outside of Article 1 Section 8. I've been able to ask him questions about other Liberty issues on a few occasions and I'm confident he understands the Constitution and its role in limiting Gvoernment, not the People.

Grayson is AWESOME! I love that guy. No one gets you more engaged and interested in defending liberty than him. I don't think he got Paul's endorsement because he is too new to the scene, and while he can whip up energy from Liberty folks, I don't think the more traditional conservative will understand the value behind his message in time to sway their vote. He is building a great deal of support and will be a major player in the next race he decides to enter. Hopefully US Congress as his name recognition around here is now pretty deep.

Perdue. I've met him as well and while he a very friendly person, he seems (to me) to be in it for the power and position. His speeches are okay, but it really seems he is talking to the dullard voter. He seems arrogant and elitist and there are MANY Follower types out there that simply want a better 'leader', not to be able to lead themselves.

While my heart chooses Grayson, my brain chooses Broun. He may or may not be the Senator I would be, but given a choice (made by mostly uninformed Followers) between Broun and Perdue, Broun is the best choice.

Lastly, very little Freedom will be restored from Washington D.C. no matter who wins. If we want our Freedom back, we best be looking to Local Sheriff, Comminssioner, and General Assembly races for that.

Check the voting record


“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

Grayson wasn't even put up

Grayson wasn't even put up against the Dem opponent!

Also libertarians shouldn't get too excited for Paul Broun just because Ron Paul endorsed him. Paul Broun will be as much of a liberty movement ally as Ted Cruz.

Paul Broun's requirements for voting on legislation at one of the debates: "Does it fit the Judeo-Christian biblical principles our country was founded upon?"

TMOT Derrick Grayson was not included in the survey

Paul Broun is a complete nobody, even if he is endorsed by Ron Paul, compared to TMOT.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

Grayson has no chance

Broun can actually win and is a great candidate.

You sound like..

The same people that elected Romney

Actually Romney had no chance

but conservatives, Liberty voters and Constitutionalists split the vote, and so we got him and the same technique was used to elect McCain and Dole as well, no thanks.

While idiots were voting and campaigning for the Bush's I was pushing Pat Buchanan. So my friend. I already went through the 3rd party route to winning and it will never ever happen. Paul Broun is absolutely the best candidate and has the best chance to win a Senate seat.

Paul Broun a "great"

Paul Broun a "great" candidate...LOL

Have you even looked at him joeinmo?? Based off what I've seen from you on the DP the past couple weeks, you're only supporting him because Ron Paul endorsed him. It doesn't take much to see Broun isn't even a libertarian-leaner, and will vote his beliefs of the Bible over the Constitution. Sorry, Ron Paul is a fallibly individual and can make mistakes. He also endorsed Broun before Grayson even entered the race.

Then your reasoning is because "Grayson has no chance". Really??? After the Ron Paul campaigns, you go with that??? Grayson is clearly the best candidate. Vote principle, not compromise!


Im not Libertarian, I totally disagree with their Open borders, globalist viewpoint.

Sorry I'm red blooded American, Constitutionalist, if you want to be Libertarian go vote in the Libertarian Party and waste your time. I'm also Christian, I don't go along with the Christian haters that can't stand the Christian viewpoint and rail on Christians at every chance, no thanks.

This guy reminds me of the same clown that ran on the Libertarian ticket in Virginia and pulled votes from Cuccinelli and now we have McAuliffe.

In addition, Paul Broun is no stranger to The Daily Paul, we have been pushing Broun since 2007 on here:


When Ron Paul ran he was a Presidential candidate that had little chance to win, BUT he was the ONLY candidate that spoke the truth. Regardless of what chance he had to win, I backed him because there were no OTHER worthy candidates that had a chance to win or even get the message out. Ron Paul got the message out, it grew and now you have Rand Paul that actually does have a chance to win the whole thing.

Paul Broun is a worthy person, you may not agree with his relationship with God, but he has an exceptional record for being a Constitutionalist. Grayson is also a worthy candidate, but he does not have the ground game, the history or the rest .of what is needed to win. If Broun was not running, then Grayson would be my guy in Georgia because all the rest are establishment fakes and liars. I'm not telling people to not vote for whoever they want to, I'm just saying for me and obviously Ron Paul who worked side by side with Paul Broun, that he makes the most sense and has the best chance to pull a Senate seat.

So Vots no disrespect to you, and your choice, by all means he is a great choice, all I hope is we don't get Perdue over Broun by a few thousand votes as what happened in Virginia with the Faux libertarian.

Thanks for your comment. At

Thanks for your comment. At least I can see you have other reasons for voting Broun besides his Ron Paul endorsement, which is what it seemed like.

One thing I should say though, is that I am not against his religious faith. I myself, am an Evangelical. However, I do not determine if laws are good or bad based on their biblical standing, which is what Broun says is the first thing he looks to. The first thing he should look at to determine how legislation should be voted on, is the Constitution. And the Constitution should be the only thing he looks to as a voting member of Congress.

That's what they also said of Ron Paul, By the Way!

Grayson is the most inspiring Liberty Candidate after Ron Paul. Nobody compares with him. There has been good and very good liberty candidates, but TMOT is absolutely fantastic.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

He was included in the PPP

He was included in the PPP survey

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"