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Flashback: Congressman Ron Paul vs Bernanke On The Bailout Plan

I want you guys to pay attention to where Bernanke says he gets his authority from [beginning at 4:20 mark]. OK, we all know The Federal Reserve Act is an evil abomination, but why hasn't Congress gotten rid of it yet? Why is it that in 1913, we didn't arrest everyone responsible for the signing of the act? I mean look at all the times Andrew Jackson fought the bank! It's been 100 years and the people are just fine and dandy! I know we aren't, but you know what I mean. I hate to say it, but I think Bernanke was right. Congress allows the Fed to do whatever it likes. Let's say a bully punches you in the face every morning, if you don't say anything or do anything, that bully is gonna think it's ok to punch you in the face. Since I've woken up, I've just been obsessed in learning more about liberty. I mean freedom to me is like coffee, pretty soon you can't get enough of it, it's just addicting. Anyway, I feel like I know where we went wrong and I know how to fix it. Ok, are you guys ready? It went wrong right after winning our independence! They signed the Articles of confederation illegally! That's when they started taxing us. Why do you think Shays Rebellion occurred? Our founding fathers were suppose to give us freedom, but what happened? I mean after our government beat Daniel Shay, they decide to make our government bigger!? Why? Because they love us? No! To prevent another Shays rebellion, that's why. George Washington started all this! He created all the cabinet positions, which is unconstitutional. I mean even having a President is unconstitutional. You see guys, I know the truth now. It wasn't about about a balance of power, it was all fake! I love you guys, that's why I'm telling you this. Just look at congress now; The House of Representatives is made of Republicans and the Senate is made up of Democrats. We know they work for the same people, their not really fighting guys. Congress has the power to tax? Soooo unconstitutional! How do we fix this? Get rid of the Congress. Plain n simple. We need to start closing down all our courts, that's how we fix this. Once that occurs, they can't arrest anybody or take property away from anybody. When we became the United States our constitution should of been the Bill of Rights, that's it. So once again in conclusion our founding fathers never gave us rights( they couldn't do that in the first place), they gave us privileges. I mean look up who the Federalist were and who the Anti- Federalist were. Guess what George Washington was? We need to start closing down all the courts immediately, before it's too late.

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Your analysis of this clip was all your own writing.

With a slight title change like "Analysis of....." or "Flashback analysis: ...." you could change your story category to a RP "Original." Just a suggestion. Don't let a good post go to waste.

They've created a monster!

What ever the President wants passed, both houses are cool with it. The fighting is all theater guys! The house tries to repeal Obama Care just so it can go to the senate and be thrown out. You have republicans just voting for it just give the illusion that they're a conservative, they know it won't pass. The only solution is to get rid of congress! We will never have people in their who totally want to follow the constitution. Plus why would they want less government? They still want to get paid. Their going to fight for their salaries at all cost, just like the cops.

I totally agree with you on all of this....

There were several presidents before Washington, pretty big coincidence that we count him as the first. Freemasons, and all that jazz leading back to Rome. Banksters tying back to England, and Israel is somewhere in the mix too?! There is so much going on, it's crazy.

So we get rid of the congress, what happens to the judicial branch? We need just just abolish all federal government and manage each of our states individually. Get the military home and restructure a small government once again. How do we go about that?

Once we won the war we should

Once we won the war we should declared that all the States were free. We should of introduced the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence as the law of the land, thats it! Anybody who doesnt like that doesnt have to be part of the union. If we got rid of congress, there will be no more branches! The States would have to figure out how they punish their own people. It would be great,because States will be forced to compete against eachother to see who has the best system. The founders or whoever came up with the 3 branches, just modeled it after Great Britain. Why do you think I say, if taxation without representation was the problem, then why after receiving our freedom, did we install the same system here in America? I think the people caught on after the constitution was signed, they didnt want anymore unconstitutional laws implemented, thats why they came up with the original 13th Amendment. We actually made it illegal for any lawyer to hold office in America, but what happened? We let Great Britain come and attack us, burn down D.C (war of 1812) and they destroyed the newly enacted 13th Amendment. You see we never won any war, it was all an inside flag. Lookup the Treaty of Paris 1783- ok pay attantion to everything I say, I want you to notice in the first paragraph that the king refers to himself as prince of the Holy Roman Empire and of the United States. You know from this that the United States did not negotiate this Treaty of peace in a position of strength and victory, but it is obvious that Benjamin Franklin, John Jay and John Adams negotiated a Treaty of further granted privileges from the king of England. Keep this in mind as you study these documents. You also need to understand the players of those that negotiated this Treaty. For the Americans it was Benjamin Franklin Esgr., a great patriot and standard bearer of freedom. Or was he? His title includes Esquire.
An Esquire in the above usage was a granted rank and Title of nobility by the king, which is below Knight and above a yeoman, common man. An Esquire is someone that does not do manual labor as signified by this status, see the below definitions.
Esquires by virtue of their offices; as justices of the peace, and others who bear any office of trust under the crown....for whosever studieth the laws of the realm, who studieth in the universities, who professeth the liberal sciences, and who can live idly, and without manual labor, and will bear the port, charge, and countenance of a gentleman, he shall be called master, and shall be taken for a gentleman." Blackstone Commentaries p. 561-562

 "Esquire - In English Law. A title of dignity next above gentleman, and below knight. Also a title of office given to sheriffs, serjeants, and barristers at law, justices of the peace, and others." Blacks Law Dictionary fourth ed. p. 641
Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and John Jay as you can read in the Treaty were all Esquires and were the signers of this Treaty and the only negotiators of the Treaty. The representative of the king was David Hartley Esqr..

Benjamin Franklin was the main negotiator for the terms of the Treaty, he spent most of the War traveling between England and France. The use of Esquire declared his and the others British subjection and loyalty to the crown.

 In the first article of the Treaty most of the kings claims to America are relinquished, except for his claim to continue receiving gold, silver and copper as gain for his business venture. Article 3 gives Americans the right to fish the waters around the United States and its rivers. In article 4 the United States agreed to pay all bona fide debts. If you will read my other papers on money you will understand that the financiers were working with the king. Why else would he protect their interest with this Treaty?
I wonder if you have seen the main and obvious point? This Treaty was signed in 1783, the war was over in 1781. If the United States defeated England, how is the king granting rights to America, when we were now his equal in status? We supposedly defeated him in the Revolutionary War! So why would these supposed patriot Americans sign such a Treaty, when they knew that this would void any sovereignty gained by the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War? If we had won the Revolutionary War, the king granting us our land would not be necessary, it would have been ours by his loss of the Revolutionary War. To not dictate the terms of a peace treaty in a position of strength after winning a war; means the war was never won. Think of other wars we have won, such as when we defeated Japan. Did McArther allow Japan to dictate to him the terms for surrender? No way! All these men did is gain status and privilege granted by the king and insure the subjection of future unaware generations. Worst of all, they sold out those that gave their lives and property for the chance to be free.