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The Paul doctors: One helped birth the modern liberty movement, the other is now attempting to give it vision.

Here in Paulistan it behooves us to contemplate the nature of where we have come from and to where we are heading.

When Dr. Ron Paul, an OBGYN, helped deliver the birth of a modern liberty renaissance (yes it's a work in progress) he did so in the same manner as his trade of choice. Having helped thousands through the most painful experience of giving birth he was quite familiar with what it took to keep people optimistic during their darkest times.

Many of us went through quite a lot of personal sacrifice to help bring about the changes we are seeking. Some of us attending boring monotonous meetings (think GOP snorefests) to win friends and influence people. Others volunteered their time, money, and labor for Ron Paul's recent bids for the U.S. presidency. There were even some that went through the enormous rigor of getting elected within the Republican Party to various positions from committees to chairmanships and even as National Delegates. All of this was aided by the notion that this one man, Dr. Ron Paul, was going through our pain with us (as was evident if you saw any of the debates).

Through all of this struggle we now have whole State Party structures that are comprised of either liberty minded or friendly individuals. Our first real liberty elected officials have taken their places with more to come. The ideas of liberty are being discussed and debated openly by even the most sardonic news personalities. We are now so influential as to be a target for co-opting campaigns. While this attempt at commandeering the message can be troublesome it should be seen as a vast mark of progress that they cannot stop what is happening, they can only now try to subvert.

Along comes Dr. Rand Paul (an Opthamologist) who is attempting to operate similar to his trade of choice in giving vision to much of the movement. While Dr. Rand Paul was not in the limelight during his father's initial run for the presidency (hence the birthing process) he has become very instrumental in shaping the narrative nationally on important liberty issues. To be clear Senator Rand Paul is not the same as his father, but I'm pretty sure no one wants their child to be a clone of themselves.

Dr. Rand Paul has done innumerably more positive actions for the liberty movement than most Senators in U.S. history. This is important to remember when he "chooses his words more carefully", and ends up drawing the ire from some of us that think he's playing too much cat and mouse politics. As Dr. Rand Paul made a living by helping people to see better (basically), he is now trying to do the same in a political sense. The tremendous success he's had in both thwarting horrendous trends (U.S. Drone policy), and introducing new ideas (Economic Freedom Zones) could only have been done because he had the vision or foresight to avoid the same political pitfalls that beset many in the liberty movement.

Senator Rand Paul seems to operate on the principle of action speaking louder than words. One example of this is after he endorsed presidential nominee Mitt Romney for president one would have thought that he would go all establishment sell out due to those words. His actions, however, have proved to be quite the contrary. It is interesting when one thinks of how the average politician will say hard things and do the easy, he seems to do the opposite. While no one is perfect, and the hubris surrounding some of his former campaign staff notwithstanding, Rand Paul is a man of vision and it is up to all of us to remember that he's the biggest political cannon in our corner, but he's also just a man that can use gentle guidance from time to time.

For the record I was just as critical of Rand Paul's endorsement (you can check my previous article on this) as many here have been. I was also a National Delegate that year and understand viscerally the connection many have had to this event. All of this does not change the good he has done and will do to put Leviathan back in it's cage.

Dr. Ron Paul helped us deliver liberty through the tough times, and Dr. Rand Paul is trying to improve our vision.

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