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John McCain BROKE!!!

Not sure if someone has already posted this but looking at McCain's last quarter statement from the FEC it appears as though he is broke. I am sure he has raised some cash this month but it appears as though he has a spending problem. Now and in the past quarters. Do you really want to see a candidate who cannot manage under $100 million be put in charge of over $12 TRILLION?????


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Doesn't matter, the media

Doesn't matter, the media loves him because he's a fiscal leftist just like their Democrat controllers are. He gets free publicity and no rough treatment.

McCain is their dream Republican. Because they believe they can beat him (people will vote for a real leftist -- a Democrat -- over a lefty Republican), and because even if they don't beat him, life will still be pretty sweet for them (a Democrat-controlled Congress + Lefty McCain = socialist gravy train).

Liberty for Dummies

It looks like he was in debt 1.5 million at the end of the year.

This year it was reported that he had raised 7 million by the 20th and also reported spending 5 million in florida. That means he has 2 million on hand, plus any additional donations, minus any additional expenditures and owes 1.5 million on a loan. about 1/2 a mil more or less available to spend.

I think this means Ron Paul

I think this means Ron Paul has more $$$ to spend for Super Tuesday than John McCain.

We all saw how well McCain did in Iowa and New Hampshire without advertising.

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