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John McCain BROKE!!!

Not sure if someone has already posted this but looking at McCain's last quarter statement from the FEC it appears as though he is broke. I am sure he has raised some cash this month but it appears as though he has a spending problem. Now and in the past quarters. Do you really want to see a candidate who cannot manage under $100 million be put in charge of over $12 TRILLION?????


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McCain is really a closet "pink commie"...

"In circuit motorsport, a driver has..."Paul position" when he or she starts a race at the front of the grid."

Doesn't matter, the media

Doesn't matter, the media loves him because he's a fiscal leftist just like their Democrat controllers are. He gets free publicity and no rough treatment.

McCain is their dream Republican. Because they believe they can beat him (people will vote for a real leftist -- a Democrat -- over a lefty Republican), and because even if they don't beat him, life will still be pretty sweet for them (a Democrat-controlled Congress + Lefty McCain = socialist gravy train).

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Liberty for Dummies

What is ironic....

Is that he's wasting his money campaigning really hard in states that are not going to be offering many delegates at the National GOP Convention! lol. Paul had this plan all along ppl!!! How can u not see this!

I'll Say It Again...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... McCain won't last because even with all the wins, isn't it amazing how little funding he has? Sorry, but if you don't have money AFTER you win big, then you'll never raise money if you lose. And come Feb. 5th, if Romney overwhelmingly wins the votes, then I believe our man will be the only one left standing -- and this, my friends, will be Romney's worst nightmare!

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