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(VIDEO) NeverWet Arrives - Hands-On Product Demonstration

(VIDEO) NeverWet Arrives - Hands-On Product Demonstration


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bought it, tried it, DOESN'T WORK well

i was sooo excited for this product and bought it soon after it's release at home depot. i applied three coats to the white bathroom sink, so toothpaste and other grime would be really to rinse off.

it works like the video, the first time

the surface is very rough, but cannot be sanded or smoothed, because if you touch it, the magic layer goes away.
when using the sink for the second time, the water repellent quality has noticeably diminished.
it seems like water removes the hydrophobic barrier easily - i imagine exposure to wind, dust, etc would make the layer even more prone to loss

i returned the 2nd pair of cans to the store.

made with toxic chemicals?


Like Water Off a Duck's Back

Duck rehabilitation: I suppose after one cleans off the oil from a spill, one could spray with Never Wet. However, I'm not sure I'd want it on my skin, and I think they just ruined the ice box for recycling.

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Neat Stuff ...

This would go perfect with NeverTax to keep any government poo that manages to seep onto you from sticking!

Technical glitch:

I can see how it would be useful to prevent tissues from getting soaked in the rain, but what happens when you use the treated tissues on your nose?


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Funny joke - spray it on someone's lollipop.

They'd just keep lickin and lickin and lickin...

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.


something I can spray on my little brothers bed sheets.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Don't believe the hype.

There are many videos showing how it doesn't work as advertised, that it leaves an ugly/hazy/messy film, that it isn't durable, that it is flammable, that it shouldn't be used on electronics or clothing.

It has been on sale for a long time, already. You can read buyers' reviews on shopping websites for more information.

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I'm definitely impressed;

I'm definitely impressed; looks like a very cool product that could have multiple uses.

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Amazing butt

Is this stuff toxic? For instance I love what Teflon does for cooking but after looking into it I switched back to cast iron.

It would be perfect if it is non-toxic.

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They should rename this stuff to Barakcide

Because nothing sticks to it! LOL

Wow incredible... I wonder if

Wow incredible... I wonder if there or dental applications.
Spray some on, I haven't brushed in weeks! Just kidding. But I know someone would try it.

Platypus: Always wet.

Spend 2 minutes leaning what a platypus already knows.

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Amazing or what?!

Amazing or what?!

Really cool. :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

comment under one of many YT videos for NeverWet

"The reason its a rough surface is because this works almost entirely based on that micro-texture. Its called the "lotus effect", whereby scientists noticed that lotus plant leafs bounce water off them and never seem to get dusty or dirty regardless of the environment. Under a microscope they could see it was due to billions of tiny spikes on the surface that causes the water's natural surface tension to glide on the tips of the spikes and never touch the surface. This stuff does the same."

A number of YT videos show NeverWet's limit of duration.


is one of the first times I've even been amazed by a product. This is incredible.

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