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Why bother?

I was asked this by someone who couldn't see why anyone would waste money or time on a campaign that was "going nowhere"... Please read and leave feedback:

"Occasionally, what is at stake is important enough to look beyond a presumed outcome... To fight for something you truly believe in.

Those events don't often find fertile ground in this day and age where "popular and easy" are desired over the just and difficult causes.

If you don't agree with Dr Paul then this is a non-issue for you. If you understand what he stands for, it is impossible for it to be a non-issue.

Our Founding Fathers fought for what we have, or should I say, for what little we have left. Dr Paul is trying to get back what has been stolen, lost and forgotten.

That is why you donate... That is why I will donate, regardless of the outcome. This does not end with Dr Paul because he did not start it. This is in all of us... for all of us.
Donate... Canvass... Recruit

Be Blessed.

Wants are unlimited... resources are scarce.

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Why Bother

" Give me Liberty or give me Death"
Patric Henry, 1775

In a Revolution, you have to stand firm and overcome short-term defeats. We need to win the War even though we might lose a few battles.

A wasted vote...

A friend of mine said today, "A vote for Ron Paul is like a vote for Hillary. It's a wasted vote."

I said, "A vote for Ron Paul in the primary is a vote against Hillary. He is the only republican that stands a chance against the dems. He's the only anti-war, anti-patriot act republican."

He said, "But if he doesn't win the primary, then you have to vote for the republican candidate, otherwise your vote is wasted and the dems win."

I said, "A vote for the right person for the job is never a wasted vote. A vote for the one who "has a chance" even though he is the wrong person for the job is a wasted vote. It's not a horse race. You don't win money for voting for the winner. Besides, all the other candidates, dems and republicans, are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Do you know what they do? What agenda they have??"

He said, "Hhhmmm... not sure."

I said, "You say you're a life-long republican. Here's what Mr. Republican, Barry Goldwater, thinks about the CFR...


A vote for Ron Paul is a vote against the CFR... and a vote for our freedom and our national sovereignty. It doesn't matter who you vote for any longer. At least not dem vs. repub... they all have the same motives. Oppression of the people, destruction of the middle class, all leading to a one-world government where they hold the power."

I was having this argument with another neo-con type at work, and when I blew every point he had out of the water, he resorted to saying that he was an "imperialist" and that he had no problem with us policing the world, invading countries and installing different governments in order to spread our empire.

To which I responded, "So you're all for a one-world government then."

He said, "As long as it's ours."

And I said, "Ours... meaning whose? Do you really think that the CFR is going to take over the whole world, establish a one-world governement... and then, being the elitists that they are... will share their wealth with the middle class in America?"

He looked at me dumb-founded.

I walked away with a big smile on my face.

They can't win an argument with us.... just like Ron Paul can't lose a debate with them. They need an education is all.

Go Ron Paul!!!


....has overtaken the brains of the people, and the mainstream media has brainwashed them into thinking they can only back a winner.

What about principle, integrity, conscience, conviction, and truth? We need to remind these people of these "old fashioned" values.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

Why is the so-called "GOP" bothering?

They're all dark horses vs. Hillary/Obama. The economy dies, the dollar wilts, we go to war...and again, they got what they deserved from DC.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Exactly, why is the GOP bothering?

They had a Republican President and a Republican Congress and did not achieve one conservative goal or follow one conservative principle. I remember back in the 90's how bad Republicans wanted a Republican President and Republican Congress. They finally got it and look what they accomplished.Nothing! They are the ones who should give up. Their party is bankrupt and has no future, unless it wakes up and returns to their original conservative principles,which doesn't seem likely with the direction they are headed.


Why bother standing for what is right?

What is the point of supporting the only one who should even be allowed to be in political office?

I am sure Sam Adams and PAtrick Henry and the rest all heard it. Why bother? You can't win against the crown!

Well, I say with John Adams, "Duty is ours. The results we leave to God."

They ask because they don't know...

For those of you who are losing hope: THESE PRIMARIES MEAN VERY LITTLE ON A WHOLE SCALE! Why? There will be a NATIONAL CONVENTION where delegates will choose a candidate later on (Sept I think). The media doesn't want u to know this.
Paul is being very choicy about where he campaigns the most, because some states will have more delegates at the national convention than others. Florida won't be offering much, that's why RP didn't bother much. NV (2nd place) does offer a lot.
RP has been around for a while, and knows what he is doing. He will campaign the hardest where he can get the most NATIONAL delegates, and thus receive the the republican nomination.
On the lesser important states, RP will allow more competition between the other candidates, and allow them to hurt each others' campaigns in a kind of dog fight.
Very effective tactics. The Good Doctor knows his stuff. Please pledge to donate on the 1st at fiftyoneyears[dot]com.Do your best. Become a precinct leader. Good Canvassing!