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How to Win the Ground War

by Daniel McCarthy, Internet Communications Coordinator
Ron Paul 2008 | January 30, 2008

We received this message this morning from a Ron Paul supporter in Florida. Because it is so important, we are sharing it with you, too.

I wanted to share my experience canvassing here in Broward County, South Florida.

As you know, Dr. Paul took 3% of the vote yesterday in Florida. A friend and I signed up on the campaign's website to be a precinct leader, and took it upon ourselves to canvass 13 precincts in Broward County. I'm proud to report that in the precincts that we canvassed, Dr. Paul came in second to John McCain.

That's right; Dr. Paul beat Romney, Giuliani and Huckabee. This happened with almost NO media coverage of Dr. Paul. It's particularly noteworthy, because Broward County is a stronghold of Rudy Giuliani.

We know of other Dr. Paul supporters in Broward County who were waving Dr. Paul's signs, but they did not do that well in their precincts. Sign waving does NOT get votes, BUT PRECINCT WORK DOES GET VOTES!!! Please do the precinct work in your area so that Dr. Paul will win. God Bless You.

Help us by signing up today to be a precinct leader in your area. If you really want to make Ron Paul our next president, sign up and begin canvassing right away. You're counting on Ron Paul to do his part, and he's counting on you to do yours.

This is work that any dedicated supporter can do, and, along with donating, is the most important thing you can do to ensure a Ron Paul victory.

Sign up yourself, and then encourage all your friends to sign up here: https://voters.ronpaul200....

Daniel McCarthy
Internet Communications Coordinator
Ron Paul 2008

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Work Will Win When Wishing Won't

We know this works. When people step up to the plate and sign up to be Precinct leaders and Canvass, Ron Paul wins districts. If we worked a whole State, we'd be laughing! That's what they are afraid of in Maine---they know if Ron Paul army got up off their asses and pounded the pavement, we'd win state after state after state. Media coverage would be irrelevant.

Scared to knock on doors, visit a senior citizen center. Seniors vote! Find a buddy to sign up with and share the job but let's get it done. How much has HQ asked of us?

canvassing is our best move

We have the troops and the information infrastructure; get on it! Bring all your RP friends and paint your town's brains Ron!

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

If I lived in the USA

I would for sure be out going door to door!

Let's get Badnarik, Lawson, Paul, Santoro, and Terbolizard elected to office in '08!

Door to door is not enough ,

donations alone are not enough. We need exposure beyond mainstream , beyond the internet.
While so many supporters have diverging ideas about how that could be accomplished the facts are obvious.
Florida is a blatant example of treachery.
On the ballot remained the names of drop outs like Thompson yet votes were cast for him Why is that?
If we want RON to win we have to somehow expose the abominable practices of the voting processes that go on in the various states primaries sanctioned by those states . Nothing can be accomplished unless this type of politics can be put asunder. I don`t know where to begin to bring an end to it , yet i know how ugly it all is . Perhaps we supporters would be best served in finding an outlet that will condemn the unfair practices as described , one that will not relent doing so . All the while working on bringing voters to R.Paul .


> On the ballot remained the names of drop outs like Thompson yet votes were cast for him Why is that?

Too late to change the ballots. Die hard Thompson supporters casting "protest" votes. Tancredo & the others got some votes too! Not surprising. Perfectly "legal".

Door to door work is easy

Door to door work is easy and fun. You just have your literature and be able to answer a few simple questions. Most people will not even answer the door. Just leave the literature and go on. This works if we will work.

This is the way to go!

Ron, please stop giving our money to old media.

Let's focus on delivering your message and our message using DVD!


government of the people, by the people, for the people

So do you folks knock on the

So do you folks knock on the doors or just leave slim jims behind. I was wondering what the technique was?
I feel fairly well versed in Paulology and would be willing to do this I reckon.
Any advice?

I think there is still a

I think there is still a mindset that this is an internet campaign. Unfortunately, most people checked out when they realized real work and sacrifice is involved. Only 14.5K precinct captains out of 100K plus Meetup members. Pathetic!!! I really wish this strategy had been followed since last summer. The message that this requires real work in our communities might have had more time to seep into the minds of Web 2.0 supporters.

The fact that there are not more comments on this post is a testament to how much people are scared of real work.