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VIDEO: Rand Paul on the changing Republican Party and what a matchup vs. Hillary Clinton might look like

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Rand/Ron in 2016...

Vote for one Paul and you get one free...

Rand can be elected if he plays to his strengths

"If we cut spending we can lower taxes". I promise to do both.

"Why is a balanced budget such a bad idea? Millions of families have to do it every month. So should Washington.

Those two statements alone would 'swing' a lot of swing voters and independents.

He also has to appeal to women and hispanics. He definitely has the notice of the black community, which is great. He's got a way to go yet, but certainly has piqued their curiousity.



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The problem is...

that Hitlery is not going to campaign on what she really believes.
She will LIE just like obomba and Boosh and all the rest.

Hitlery's handlers will do their polls, find out what people want to hear, and then Hitlery will go out and say the things people want to hear. And, millions upon millions will believe her.

If Hitlery is told that voters are warming up to libertarianism, then I expect Hitlery to sound like Harry Browne.

I hope I am wrong but I wouldn't bet against me.