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Maine GOP establishment worried about RP WIN

I just posted as my top story on Ron Paul Report
Great story on Maine GOP establishment worried over possible RP win...sending the anti RP troops out...

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I hope we have enough boots

I hope we have enough boots on the ground to Get Out The Vote!! That sounds so obvious but the actual turnout we've been getting don't seem to reflect the support. What about those after parties for college students? Or arranging rides for seniors? Just going with a few friends would be major!

Those are very good and fundamental ideas...

van pools, as any major campaign knows, are very effective in actually getting bodies to caucuses. After voting parties another appeal. I assume some of that work is being done.

and the editor of that article

Walt whatever is one nasty man


Just a heads up: your summary says "Ron Paul Report is a news an information site...." but "an" should be "and." :-)

Liberty for Dummies

Thanks!!! Will Fix NOW

Thanks!!! Will Fix NOW