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Is Your Domain Name Safe From Nefarious Interests?

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Mark E. Jeftovic]

The soft underbelly of everything you do online are your domain names and DNS. (Briefly, your domain names are the labels people use to reach your website or send you email: i.e dollarvigilante.com. DNS is the mechanism computers use to map where these various connections are to take place).

Before anything can happen on the internet, at least one successful DNS lookup has to occur, and no matter how much money you spend on things like firewalls, offshore data centres, redundant network connections, penetration testing, high availability switches and routers; if your DNS stops resolving or your domain name gets yanked, none of that matters because you will simply disappear from the internet.

This is why every time I come across websites of like-minded libertarians, an-caps, contrarians, whistleblowers (and other egregious truth tellers) I often cringe when I lookup their domain names and find out that their registrar is Godaddy, or some other registrar that is notorious for throwing their customers under a bus at the slightest whiff of trouble and with a complete lack of due process.

People who read websites like TDV or ZeroHedge (another client of ours who keeps us on our toes) have a certain understanding of the world we live in, what's happening, and within broad channels, what's going to happen.

In other words, everybody here knows things are going off the rails and we talk about that freely. However "the powers that be" don't like it to be widely known that things are, in fact, going off the rails, that our monetary regime is headed for systemic failure, or in a wider sense, that nation-states are becoming obsolete.