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Oklahoma Politics Snarl Push for Tornado Shelters at Schools

It’s tornado season again in Oklahoma. The ominous clouds and warm air one day last week reminded Danni Legg of the afternoon last May when a twister laid waste to the city of Moore and killed her 9-year-old son.

“Your heart drops,” she said.

Legg and the families of six other children killed at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore helped gather more than 100,000 signatures last year for a ballot initiative to equip the state’s 1,800 public school buildings with storm shelters.

But a rewrite of the ballot language by the state attorney general led to a fight in court, and now the dispute has landed in the middle of the race between Gov. Mary Fallin, a Republican running for re-election, and her Democratic challenger, state Rep. Joe Dorman.


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$500 million seems like a lot of money.

How many schools would this protect?

I wonder if the parents have homes themselves that are tornado safe, considering that the mother is accusing people of not taking responsibility. …not suggesting that I believe a tornado shelter is a must for "responsible parents."