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Rand Paul: Cheney used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq and benefit Halliburton

By David Corn | Mon Apr. 7, 2014
Mother Jones

Last week, continuing the sometimes catty intra-party feud between Republican hawks and GOPers skeptical of foreign interventions, Vice President Dick Cheney took a shot at Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). But Paul is not likely to be fazed by criticism from the former vice president, for several years ago the Kentucky senator was pushing the conspiratorial notion that Cheney exploited the horrific 9/11 attacks to lead the nation into war in Iraq in order to benefit Halliburton, the enormous military contractor where Cheney had once been CEO.

Speaking at a private Las Vegas gathering of Republican funders and activists on March 29, Cheney blasted what he termed isolationists within the GOP. "One of the things that concerns me first about the [2016] campaign, that I'm worried about," Cheney said, "is what I sense to be an increasing strain of isolationism, if I can put it in those terms, in our own party." He didn't name names, but he didn't have to—at least, in one case. He obviously had Rand Paul in mind. And Cheney, who also approvingly talked about bombing Iran, chided the unmentioned Paul and other less hawkish GOPers for having not learned the supposed lessons of 9/11.

Cheney's remarks were the latest round in the tussle between the Republican Party's hawks and intervention skeptics. A year ago, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) referred to Paul, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), and other Republicans unenthusiastic about drone strikes as "wacko birds."

But years before this dust-up began, Paul was on the attack against Cheney. In not widely noticed appearances on the campaign trail, Paul claimed that Cheney's advocacy of the invasion of Iraq was partly nefarious and predicated on corporate self-interest, not national security priorities.



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Curb your rhetoric

I stated. I did not "cry". I did not exaggerate. I still see them, and it's a day later. Similar to this story I read on alt.tasteless way back in the Usenet days, which I will not even mention a part of here; it was disgusting and even 20 years later, the trauma of having read it is still fresh, I can repeat it not word-for-word but I'll definitely leave someone else feeling squeamish. It was that bad.

This gay Nazi link is not that bad.

But it deserves a banning. "She" has crossed the line, repeatedly, and this is the appropriate outcome. Sorry you feel differently.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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okay sorry to use the word "cry"!

Yes, I should have used the word "stated".

I truly don't get it what in the world did you see that is still upsetting you. What is disturbing you so much? Is it 1. the photo of the British comedy show with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, 2. a picture from TV show Family Guy with Stewie in a nazi costume, 3. the clips from Tom Cruise's movie Valkyrie, 4. the shirtless men in some of the pictures, 5. a photo of a line of Nazi officers in their boxer-shorts, 6. pictures of men dancing together, or something else? Hhhhhhmmmmmm!!!!

Could you enlighten me? Maybe I am so blind that I don't understand at all what you are talking about?

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That's bloody disgusting Granger

First time the DP actually made me ill :(

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'Why would you link to such a vile place?'

Indeed. I agree with your observation and questions.

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What did you see that I didnt?

The only thing I saw is a curs


Another question to ask

Why would anyone here LOL to that disgusting link?

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What did you see that I didnt?

It was no worse than Jimmy Kimmmel with a curseword.