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ER Bill Help! Advice not Money :)

1) I went for what should have been a simple prescription of a drug but was instead subjected to an enormous amount of tests and ultimately went untreated.

2) Now I'm getting bills that are out of this world. Especially considering I got no help. And the bills keep coming! I have humana health insurance but my deductible is high.

Any insights into this mess?

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You can call billing....

....dispute charges that are erroneous and ask to settle if they will reduce the charges to the Medicare fee schedule.

If they go to collections against you, they'll get anywhere between 20 cents on the dollar up to the Medicare fee schedule anyway, so it's in their interests to handle with you.

Legally, there may be none coming

Unless you can prove your doctor intentionally mislead you (lied) then you are probably stuck with the bill if you gave consent. IANAL so don't take it as the final word. If you really feel you were duped then I think your first stop should be to a real lawyer. If it is a good case then they might take you pro bono (I think that's the term) so you don't pay up front and they get a cut of the award.

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never go to the er

Next time tell them you are new to town and dont know your address and you don't remember your social security number.

Have a fake name picked out and always reply with fake info they ask. And never go to an er unless you are dying.

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How do you procure gas and groceries and such?

Dine and dash?

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How about urgent care? Same approach?

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Yeah i don't see why not, it

Yeah i don't see why not, it is a completely immoral system don't feel bad going against it.

Although usually urgent cares are privately owned and are more business ran so they generally are more legit with billing and service they provide. 9 times out of ten hospital ers are going to milk you like a cow.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain

Uh yeah the walk in care clinics are part of the SOLUTION

They are among the cash-only doctor movement that is working outside and around the system, doing actual profitable business providing superior care are radically reduced rates AND filling that critical role for uninsureds.

You screw them and it's just like screwing one of us. That theft of services pure and simple.

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use you discretion based on the services rendered and experience.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain

Challenge ever line item.

If they didn't send an itemized bill you need to get one and challenge every line item. They will load up with anything they can get away with.

I had a friend who got snake bit along with 2 others. When they got the bill it was loaded with crap charges that never happened. For example they charged for 9 pairs of gloves for the paramedic. Problem was he never took off the first pair. Just garbage like that. The insurance company won't know what took place but you do.

Challenge every item.

Then when you get it to where you're satisfied you aren't being charged for things that never happened then you start negotiating the payment. Get a bill reduction and/or payment plan if you need to. Everything is negotiable even when they say it isn't. Especially, if you have a cash flow/financial problem.

That helps...what if they didn't help at all

Is there any recourse or reduction in bill if they just totally didn't help.

The solution would have been a pill but instead they did all kinds of tests and not doing anything for me.

I guess you could start by

challenging the reason/need they did all the testing that you think was unnecessary. Then when negotiating the final bill only agree to pay for things that were necessary for what you were there for. If they gave you a pregnancy test when your a dude then you tell them to eat it. Make them justify every item, IN WRITING.
Once you have their reason for an item call your insurance company or some other competent person for an opinion on if it was really necessary.

Yes, get everything in writing and communicate through the mail. You may need to use cerified mail just to have records of when it was recieved and that it was received.