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* Rudy Defeat Marks End of 911 Politics * --good news for RP anti-war msg. *

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I cannot believe what I just heard Hannity say on his radio show. I think it's a rerun of his morning show, but a 12 year old girl called and asked him if he was "insane" for supporting McCain. He said (not verbatum) "look, maybe it's time for conservatives to modernize their beliefs on such things like taxes, immigration, foreign policy and the war on terror." I had to slap myself! He is insane, and absolutely has lost his mind. Great American? Pathetic American if you ask me.


you mean time to "liberalize"-- not 'modernize' Hannity is a dangerous man who has mislead ...even more American than Limbaugh.

he was being sarcastic

like his hero RUSH the day he endorsed Clinton in 92.
I heard the 1st hour or so, he was being totally sarcastic and ignorant as usual.

They (conservative talking heads) are all railing against McCain in order to galvinize and inspire support for Romney - who all of a sudden is a true conservative.

I didn't even realize that

I didn't even realize that till you said something. Hopefully the whole 911 thing won't even be brought up again and RP can get down to the nitty gritty of talking economics and the war. 911 should never be used as a political talking point. Involving it will only cause outrage that a politician is talking about something they have no right to. 911 should have never been brought into it. I'm so glad Rudy is gone. Now maybe, as you said, the fear mongering will stop. Oh wait, there's still Benedict McCain who will bring it up at every debate.

Now that McCain can't talk about 911 without Rudy what is this man going to talk about? War. Yeah let's vote for a guy who only knows about war. That's promising and sure to end our country as we know it. Then again Bush didn't know anything about war and look what he did. So I guess you don't have to have any knowledge, whatsoever, about anything, to be president. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a guy that did though? Like I dunno... Ron Paul? :)

The so-called "War on

The so-called "War on Terror" is a big part of McCain's campaign as well -- the biggest part in fact. This is why Giuliani has endorsed him. McCain will likely reciprocate by offering Giuliani the VP spot. Nobody loves war like those two.

Liberty for Dummies


I hope not...I can't stand the very sight of Rudy.

McCain throws around the

McCain throws around the words Islamofascist the way Rudy threw around 911

McCain throws around the

McCain throws around the words Islamofascist the way Rudy threw around 911

No Diference between McInsane/Romney/Guiliani on spreading fear

...and starting War.

Sorry, but there is no end to 911 Politics at all here, unless either Ron Paul or Barack Obama are elected.

Yeah, I was glad when

Yeah, I was glad when Edwards had to intelligence and fortitude to call it what it is --- a bumper sticker slogan. What the hell is with this War on this, War on that mentality anyway? Oh yes, "War is the health of the State."

Barack Obama never said he'd end the war

when he gets into office.

How does this work?

This was the MSM (FAUX) golden boy. yet they still to this day hate McCraze/McRage. Then Mr. 911 endorses him?

Oh happy be the day Dr. Paul takes his oath.

They Are Grossly Mistaken If They Think This

Vote RON PAUL 2008
(quote from link)
"Americans want to watch 'America's Top Model' — and they really, really don't want to be reminded that bad people want to kill them," said Wilson, who worked for Giuliani's 2000 Senate campaign and advised him informally this year. "Talking about 9/11 now is like 'Remember the Maine.'"
If anyone of the GIULIANI CAMP think the America People are magically going to stop questioning (thinking about) 9/11 just because their pseudo hero stepped down from the stage -- They are grossly misinformed and definitely mistaken.

Many of us have become convinced that GIULIANI cooperated with the rogue element that helped orchestrate 9/11 -- His Command Center in the WTC7 and his confessed 'prior knowledge' only adds to that belief.

GIULIANI may soon be out of sight but definitely NOT out of mind, regardless of what his advisors tell us. It won't fly like that. He'll be thoroughly investigated and most likely prosecuted right along with all the other thugs involved.

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Does anyone have any info?

A little off the subject but since there has been so much talk about gold, who has and where I have a question. I was watching a video on you tube about FDNY and how they wanted to reveal that Giuliani was not the 9-ll hero he makes himself to be and when they wanted to continue their search for bodies of firefighters at ground zero he called it off but instead sent trucks in to retrieve $200m of gold. It does not say who the gold belonged to and I could not find anything more on it, but I thought it was odd that everything else was reduced to dust but 2 or 3 truck loads of gold
was left intact fireproof vaults or not. Does anyone know anything about this?


really was not the main point of the article...the writer was attempting to say using more than one point....that 911 'politics'---as in the fear mongering the neocrats do (And Guilianni did on his campaign) to the public...will no longer work. And, that is why Guiliani lost.

The writer has a point in that...people are weary of 911 fear-mongering...as related to the 'war on terror' and Iraq too.

At any rate...people are not buying the 911 'politics' GWB--as they did during the early years of the war.

Thus, the end of '911 politics', as in fear mongering the public...will no longer work...just ask the 911 king Rudy.