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I'm getting SO Fing Pumped about Rand and the WAR we're all about to get into!

I'm in Richmond Virginia now, Instead of Hawaii so if anyone knows some good people I can link up with here please post or pm me! Two years til we win!

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Ron Paul.

enuf said.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

the big memo

stated that ron paul MUST be stopped by any means possible. the establishment was in no way going to let that man of peace and truth anywhere near the white house. the robbing of ron paul was one of the most egregious acts ever committed by the status quo, and they would do it again (or worse) in a heart beat.

Individually, people are

Individually, people are fine. The group known as "The American People" can be painted with any brush and it will be true to some degree. In political matters, "most" people don't give a hoot. What matters is self-interest. THAT is all that really matters.

I agree, but we're talking

I agree, but we're talking about REPUBLICAN primary voters. In a general election I'm totally with all you. The people are tired of interventionism. But in the REPUBLICAN primary, you have all the bloodthirsty Christians and Rush/Hannity/O'Reilly listeners, as well as the ignorant statist elderly out there in overwhelming numbers compared to the rest. It's why Rand is trying to engage with other groups to attract a larger base of support.

The Chris Mathews segment was meant to stir the pot against Rand, in my opinion, because they know he has to be beat at the convention level if they're to avoid having to face a strong candidate in the generals.

Rand is

NOTHING like his father, and will never get my vote, so the left can do all it wants.

Not quite.

There most certainly is a robust debate ("war") within the GOP between the neocons and those few non-interventionists like Rand. This ain't no concoction of the left.

The left (and mostly the media establishment) will spin it to hurt Rand, but the "war" ain't no concoction.

And, actually, last night's Hardball segment was not completely unfair to Rand.

I disagree

I think most people are tired of war. Remember the Syria situation? I think they will support Rand.

You are right ,however, about the media claiming he is a dove and a wacko for not supporting a war.

There will be a tipping point when the numbers keep getting fudged towards a candidate the public does not really choose and more and more people realize the elections are a sham.

We must keep educating on the truth.

"most people" isn't the

"most people" isn't the Republican national convention voting block, and therein lies the problem. It's why that dumbass from Mother Jones (a "progressive" publication) published that story about Rand accusing Cheney of going into Iraq for personal financial gain. It's a ridiculous interpretation of Rand's actual statement but there it is. It's designed to make Rand look like a conspiracy theorist isolationist. The general public might not care, but the voter base of the Republican Party will.

I don't know, we'll see.

Here's how you play it

...on the DP you cheer it, on the mainstream venues you soften it.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Rand looks to me like a

Rand looks to me like a statist career politician who talks a good game but doesn't seem to work for the same kind of liberty that his father and people in the rloveolution worked for. Rand wants to work within the system and maintain the most destructive part of the status quo. When have we heard Rand ever talk about the federal reserve? When have we ever heard Rand talk about voluntarism? Eliminating the minimum wage? and so on and so on

To reiterate he is not the soul-driven conscious politician like his father is. He talks a good game, about a few specific non-critical subjects, but can he walk the liberty walk like his father did. Also he threw his father under the bus when he endorsed the miserable failure called Romney. How can Rand endorse a flip-flopper if he isn't also a flip-flopper?

Anyway, I might be wrong. And I certainly trust Rand more than Hillary or Jeb Flush but I don't think he will be the revolutionary change that we want. Just more of the same bullshit...


You have a lot to learn about Rand friend. You actually have it exactly backward, he talks like a politician but votes like a libertarian. Just a few examples I found with a quick google search.
Audit the Fed
Minimum wage
Have you done any research on Rand at all or did you just write him off the day he endorced Romney. Which by the way is another example of speaking like a politician that didn't have any real consequences other than help him be accepted by main stream republicans.

Death to all pandas

I didn't talk about his

I didn't talk about his voting record. I know he votes like a liberty minded politician should on most issues. That's why I didn't mention his voting record. What I do not like about him is what he chooses to talk about. I have never heard him talk about the FED with passion in a speech, actually I can't recall him ever talking about ending the FED or restricting the FED's authority, he never brings up the issue. He never talks about the minimum wage.

The one place he talked about issues with business was in Detroit. Where he wanted to make business zones with less government infraction. While the idea is probably in good conscious he should be talking about making the entire state, or the entire country, into a free business zone. The one thing that he likes to talk about, with passion, is privacy. That of course is good but it isn't enough to win me over. It is like he takes pot shots at single issues and never expands his ideas holistically. Meaning that he doesn't speak from conviction or principle. Something his father did very well and it was why he won me over to also speak with the same.

The problem is that I do not want a president accepted or supported by the main stream republicans. They are all, except for a few, war-profiteering funded career politicians with no heart. I say f'em... out with them. I'd rather have a new Ron Paul that looses the race but can spread the message of liberty like he did so well than a half-assed Rand paul in office who wont get anything done.

My 0.02$

With that, like i said earlier, I could be wrong, and I hope I am. But right now I don't see him as a liberty president who can turn the country around.

I would rather

I would rather have a president that can do something about ending the fed than a candidate that talks about it.

Death to all pandas

if it is anything less than

if it is anything less than ending the state sponsored fractional reserve system then what is the point?

That is the point.

Ending the fed is the point, and Rand's point. What is your point? Are you saying you would rather have someone talk endlessly about ending the fed and not accomplish it than have someone who can end it? Ron Paul educated the country, including me. Rand realizes that he's not going to get "main stream" republicans on his side by pounding on the end the Fed drum, but he has made it clear that it is just as big a priority to him as it was to Ron.

Death to all pandas

I listened to the FED speech

I listened to the FED speech while doing other things and I cannot ever remember him mentioning ending the FED or ending state sponsored fractional reserve practices.

He did talk about auditing the federal reserve. Perhaps he speaks of this as a means to an end but I didn't get that impression.

I am going to listen to it again. I did and no he only talks about the audit

Rand Paul on FED

Rand Paul: I Oppose the Money Changing in the Temple of the Federal Reserve

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

This is good. I watch many,

This is good. I watch many, almost all, of the videos posted here about Rand but I have just never heart him talk about much except privacy and the 4th amendment. I guess I have to pay more attention.
I said that I am willing to be wrong about Rand, I just don't believe he is a good candidate at this time. So prove me wrong I guess. Thank you for showing me to be wrong about the FED part. I guess one issue I have had with Rand is his non-holistic view of late where he has focused so much on the privacy part, important but kind of overplayed. (Just reign in the power of the NSA for peeps sake) Now I hope he can go on to other subject or start making speeches with a more holistic view of liberty
I realized I would get a shitstorm on me with the posts i made but I still stand by what I said, man, people on the DP are so hatey. There should be a requirement to comment if you want to downvote, that way I would get more info. Like from you. Thanks!

Run for office

In order to get an appreciation for just how little most people care about Liberty Issues or just how little most know about the Constitution, Run for Office.

Most Americans are flat out ignorant to the Root Causes of the ills that we face as a Nation. Most have no clue that most of our issues stem from facing local issues from a National standpoint. Most are Fox News'ers or MSNBC'ers.

I explored running for office at the Commissioner level and I can tell you it is extremely frustrating trying to get support. People are all over the place with where they stand on issues and they'll drop their support on one issue even if they agree with you on 10. You create a base of supporters and inevitably one or two get upset that you're not doing it their way and they make a fuss.

Extrapolate that to the National stage and add party factions and other influences. If Rand were to run his campaign according to the DP, he would never get elected.

You are making my point for me

Which is why we need more Ron Pauls who can spread the holistic view of the message and not Rand Pauls who talk the talk about some things and some not. Now I have been proven wrong about the FED so I maybe wrong about everything. The thing is just that the latests speeches made publicly, like at the liberal university, has been mostly about privacy. While important, it is not the holistic view of liberty that is so appealing. And when you get the holistic view of liberty you get a greater understanding of why it is so important and how it works.

Now as I have said I hope I am wrong about Rand, he just has a lot of work to do to reach the same trust that I have for his father.

Ps. Liberty requires a population that is aware of liberty, it's benefits and the downsides. People need to understand the point of personal responsibility and the importance of free liberty-minded charity. With only a liberty minded president not much will change Ds.


Think MN smartly nipped this situation in the bud with RandWatch. I remember everyone jumping down his throat for that, but when you think about it now, very smart move.

Let's get ready to ruuuummmmbbblleeee!!!!


The Red Coats are coming!

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Be careful what you get excited about these days.

There is nothing worse than wide-awake disillusionment. Let's see what materializes.



"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran

Down Vote

for sheer stupidity. I would never want to be anyone like Rand Paul. But if I were, I wouldn't want some idiot like you as a supporter. But come to think of it, maybe you deserve each other.


Don't kill the mood right now. Just don't post this at all. Just how much closer to liberty are you planning on getting? The apple may fall further from the tree, but it is still an apple.....

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Take the WAR someplace else please

This is not, and will NOT be the Daily Rand.

Who's going to start it - the Daily Rand? I'm looking forward to it... NOT being here. Thanks.

Whoa there tiger....

If this site DOESNT stand for liberty achieving victory in 2016 you might wanna start marketing it to anthropology students as a case study in the internet version of a California gold mine circa 1865...

The "what was once visited daily by fans of a guy named Paul"... Might be a more appropriate URL...

Has anyone looked at Michael with a pair of black sunglasses recently? I'm wondering if 'they' from the movie 'they live' got to him???


NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

I think this site WILL be the Daily Rand

or it won't exist.

It is ludicrous to think that there aren't going to be just as many post about Rand when he runs as there about his dad. This site will be used to organize moneybombs and sign waving just like it was for his dad. The only way it won't is if Michael shuts it down and I don't see him doing that.

I for one agree with the sentiment of the OP. The ONLY reason I became a Republican PCO was to start a war and help the libertarians take control the GOP.

hear hear


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."