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Has anyone read 'All Quiet On the Western Front'?

This was my best selling title when I had an Amazon bookstore.

If so many people are reading this book why is there still so much war?

I always read books starting from the middle so, if there's something left at the beginning once I've reached the end, tell me why I should read this book.

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Been on my list for a long time...

...saw the movie.

A great classical liberal once said, (paraphrasing) the average person thinks our troubles began in 1939. Educated people think our troubles began in 1914. (He went on to say that our troubles actually began in 1789, but that's another subject.)

Point is, you need to understand that the first world war was an unbelievable catastrophe that almost destroyed western civilization.

Don't shy away from the horror, understand it.

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It's a ghastly book

and a depressing read.

If you know war is awful, you don't really need to read it.

For a 12 year-old who thinks killing people with machine guns is awesome and wants to be a Marine, it is required reading.

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Didn't finish it

I have read The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer, which has been called the All Quiet of WW2. Truly horrifying. Some of its contents have been disputed but it isn't a history book. Rings true to me.

Seriously, you started reading THIS book from the middle.

Hahahaha. The whole reason the book was banned was because the reader is a few chapters in before they find out they are empathizing with German soldiers. That was kind of the set up for the rest of the book. The last half depicts war as foolish, senseless and awful, but the first half shows that there's no real difference in the people being killed on both sides.

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way. I like having more to read after I've finished a book.

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No but I loved the movie


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