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Current market trend looking negative?

''S&P 500 erases 2014 gain as stocks close lower for third day''

Was the headline by CNBC. Accurate or not is the question?

My honest opinion yes, We have hit the peak of the market, Markets haven't corrected in a down trend for years after the federal reserve kept artificially pumping it up. If you look at the comment section as I usually do you get a public sentiment sort of feel. Alot of people are more awake to the continual manipulation, more and more realize that this is just like a pump and dump scheme and they are in the middle of it.

If I had huge amounts in the market, I would be looking at other options.. Things may get ugly for a while. Not predicting a total crash, but there's alot of signals this dip, could continue.

Just wanted to post this, not to scare, but to be realistic. And to see your opinion on our current situation.

Buy or sell?


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Buy or sell?

Buy or sell?

Whatever you do, proceed with caution!

Here, I can only sell some $FRN, to buy some metals ;)

(just AFAIC)

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