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Top 10 Tips to Become a Better Negotiator

I'm in the process of negotiating a lucrative contract, and found this video extremely helpful. I only wish I would have found it before starting the negotiation! I made a few rookie mistakes like putting out the first offer even though I was approached initially. I also negotiated myself off of a figure I was more comfortable with just because I thought they'd accept it faster. Now they're asking for free gifts! I also sliced up my proposal! Man, I really did lose some ground and leverage, BUT, I know they want and need my services very bad. I think I can regain the upper hand though now that I'm armed with these few pointers.


1. Don't Negotiate!
2. Never Negotiate with Yourself
3. Never Accept the First Offer
4. Never Make the First Offer
5. Listen More and Talk Less
6. No Free Gifts
7. Watch Out for the Salami Effect - Don't slice up your offer. Make a lump sum amount.
8. Avoid the Rookies Regret - What do my concessions cost me? What are my concessions worth to my adversary. If I know how much my concessions cost me, and how much they're worth to them, what do I want in return?
9. Never Make a Quick Deal
10. Never Disclose Your Bottom Line


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The 'call girl' principle says that

The value of a service diminishes rapidly once the service has been rendered.

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I Break All The Rules...and add two more!!! lol

#1.) I always begin the meeting or pre-meeting with a free gift.
#2.) I always state my bottom - line or "strike price".
#3.) I always make the first offer and then seek new information.
#4.) I always make new offers, based on any new information.
#5.) I always state my time-frame for their performance.
#6.) I always change my offer based upon their lack of performance.
#7.) I always match the deal tempo of the other party.
#8.) I always talk 10% weather/sports/woman, 10% personal background, 10% deal history, 10% offer/product/bottom-line, and another 10% for me to "salami their benefits". And they get 50% talking time to agree with me.
#9.) I always "seek a win-win" by itemizing ('salami their benefits').
#10.) I always agree to "continue this meeting another time".
#11.) I always ABC techniques after stating my bottom-line.
#12.) I ALWAYS send another 'free gift' AFTER any meeting, (good or bad).

And yes I guess it works. I've "bought", "sold", "brokered", "assigned" and "flipped", over $500 million dollars in all kinds of real estate. I've just put into escrow a 28 unit cash flowing apartment building for $700,000 (stealing it from the bank actually) and today I signed a purchase contract for $7 million to buy more apartments. The real "bottom-line" is just "know thy self". And if you don't know what you're doing, GET A MENTOR/COACH/PARTNER who does. It is as simple as that.

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I got the contract!!!!!

I'm super stoked! I held my ground and got what I wanted!

I feel so empowered!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


You will absolutely also benefit from

Roger Dawson ' s the Secrets of Power Negotiating book or audio read by the author.

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Another suggestion for negotiations

Herb Cohen's book, "You Can Negotiate Anything."

Another suggestion, Max Persuasion from Kenrick Cleveland (Different slant on NLP).

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Also writing book We the Serfs!

As Al Capone once said...

You can get a lot more done with a kind word and a gun, than you can with just a kind word alone.

He and Roger Dawson must be blood brothers.

Love my negotiatiors.

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